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A cozy and comfortable roadside station

post : 2014.01.28 16:00

Kinabanjo, a roadside station in Yomitan Village.
A roadside station. But something is different about this one.

There are no souvenir shops or restaurants.
There, a single old fashioned tile-roofed Okinawan house stands by itself.

The building is made with old fashioned techniques passed down through the ages.
Inside, the floor is plaster mixed with red earth.
Apparently, it was made so that whoever visited the house felt a warmth that made them feel safe.
The hospitality is felt from the very soles of your feet.

The restroom sign was made by Ryukyuan glass master Morikichi Inamine.

Inside the restroom, the tiles and sinks are made of wood and plaster.
Also, yachimun pottery from Yomitan Village is used abundantly.

The space and each and every object emanates with a charming Okinawan vibe.

Inside Kinabanjo, there are historical documents and tourism pamphlets, making it a place where one can learn about Okinawan history while taking a break.

There is a guide lady stationed and she can provide further information about whatever catches your interest or things not written in the documents which only a local would know.
The building itself is not very big, so locals may naturally pass by and ask tourists "Where did you come from?", starting up a conversation. It's a cozy roadside station and just the right size.

This recommended spot is so cozy
you'll stay longer than you expect.

[Kinabanjo Road Station]
Address: 1-2 Azakina Yomitan-son, Nakagami-gun
Phone Number: 098-958-2944
Hours of Operation: 9AM - 6PM
Open all week, closed on Year-end and New Year holidays
Parking Available



1-2 Azakina Yomitan-son, Nakagami-gun