Okinawa Tourism Information:ASnorkelingSpotnearChuraumiAquarium!YouCanMeetColorfulFishat“BisezakiKaigan”

A Snorkeling Spot near Churaumi Aquarium! You Can Meet Colorful Fish at “Bisezaki Kaigan”

post : 2015.09.16 21:00

After a couple of minute-car ride from Churaumi Aquarium, a famous sightseeing spot in mainland Okinawa, you will go through Fukugi Tree Paths of Bise, which reminds you of a green tunnel.  There, the vastness of the sea stretches out before you.  This is Bise Kaigan.  At the beach, you can enjoy snorkeling while viewing Ie Island in the distance. 

The location has an open space which allows you to enjoy the view of Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park to the left. 

At a high tide this beach can offer enough water depth that waves simply surge up the rocky areas, but when the tide drops, the ebb of the tide brings shallow waters so that you can see through the sea bottom. 

And at this beach, you'll be confronted by a myriad of colorful tropical fish unique to the southern land!  You will witness small fish and crabs in the tide pool.  Our family also visits this perfect snorkeling spot with children in summer. 

If you would like to enjoy snorkeling, the recommend time for that is 2 hours before and after the low tide.  (Please check the low tide time on a tide level table.)  With the naked eyes, you can enjoy an underwater landscape with beautiful fish shown in the above photo when the tide falls!  Without diving in the water, you will witness such colorful fish as this from above the water.

When you step into the waters, you will find butterfly fish, damselfish, etc. just right there.  Even small children can enjoy snorkeling at this beach because they don’t have to head out to sea. 

Even though you cannot swim, you can easily look into the underwater world with an aqua scope

Please note that no life guard is on duty here.  As there are rugged rocks and corals in the water, please wear marine shoes not to get injured and take full responsibility for your swimming.  I would highly recommend that you wear a life jacket. 

Of course, please be careful not to damage living corals.  As there is a spot where people are easily swept into the sea at the ebbing of the tide, so please be very careful about that, too. 

After leaving the beach behind and taking a side path immediately, you will find an air of a little secret path.  When you go further down, …

Suddenly you come out to open space to find another beautiful sea stretching out before your eyes!  You can enjoy a relaxing time gazing at the ocean in total comfort.

A few minutes’ walking will take you to the paths of Fukugi trees, the traditional Okinawan wind breaking trees.  No matter how many time you have visited here, you will be struck by the beauty of the greenery around you.  In this place where vestiges of the original landscape still remain, you can have a picturesque stroll through the narrow lanes by a water-buffalo cart.  A relaxing time goes on here.  Please stroll around the paths, too! 

You can enjoy snorkeling or just walking around the area while viewing the sea.  At Bise Kaigan, you can have a lot of fun that only Okinawa can offer. 

Recently our family fully enjoys snorkeling here before visiting Churaumi Aquarium.  Every time our children find fish which they have just seen under water, they crow like a rooster with their eyes shining.  (The adults are really exhausted by that. (LOL))

I would highly recommend that you enjoy every minute of your stay in North Okinawa just like our family does.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono 

Bisezaki Kaigan

Address: Aza-Bise, Motobu Town, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-47-2700 (Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Section, Motobu Town)
Parking, Showers, Toilets are available.

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