Okinawa Tourism Information:JoyofEnjoyingSweet,MeltingOrganicMango!“RakuennoKajitsuofKurimaIsland”

Joy of Enjoying Sweet, Melting Organic Mango! “Rakuen no Kajitsu of Kurima Island”

post : 2015.09.19 19:00

Needless to say, mango of Miyako Island is a specialty product of Okinawa.  In Kurima-jima Island, a remote island of Miyako Island, mangos are grown organically at an organic fruit farm, which is one of several organic JAS certified orchards. 


Mango Parfait 2,100 yen 


“Rakuen no Kajitsu (literally translated as Fruit of Paradise)” can offer you a parfait made using the whole organic mango!  It is a gorgeous dessert which I can say it is rather a parfait in the mango than the mango on a parfait.  In addition to Mango Parfait, they have “go! go! Mango”(1,800 yen), which includes fresh mango, mango pudding, mango gelato, and mango juice all together, and “Panache of Paradise Mango”(2,500 yen), which offers you three species of fresh mangos in season.  “Rakuen no Kajitsu” is an irresistible café for mango lovers. 

Why can they use mangoes in such a gorgeous way?  It is because “Rakuen no Kajitsu” is a café run directly by a mango farmer.  According to seasons, they provide several kinds of mangos cultivated in a fruit farm certified by organic JAS in 2000. 



Season for mangos are mid-June to late July for red and orange-skinned Apple Mango (Irwin), and mid-August to the end of September for green-skinned Keitt Mango.  In addition to them, there are many species of mangos including Sensation, Natsukobeni, Tainou, Ahachanuku, etc., so it might be fun to enjoy different tastes in each season.  Among all the species, Tainou is a very sweet species with a high sugar content of around 25 degrees brix.  Tainou can be eaten only for 15 to 20 days in a year, so if you find it in a store, I would recommend you buy it immediately.

When mangos are not in season, you can enjoy other fruits of southern land as the name of the shop “Fruit of Paradise” suggests.  You can savor vivid pink-colored dragon fruits from mid-July to December and pineapples and papayas throughout the year.  Frozen jelly at the bottom of Mango Parfait is produced at their own factory where those tropical fruits are made into jelly.  Plenty of fruits are used for Mango Parfait, which shows how passionately the staff would like customers to enjoy fruits of Miyako Island.

Rakuen Specially-selected Miyako Black Wagyu Beef Steak Donburi (1,200 yen)


Not only dessert menu but also meal menu are locally oriented.  Rakuen Specially-selected Miyako Black Wagyu Beef Steak Donburi has been popular since the establishment of the café.  Bite-size pieces of juicy steak are served blended with juices and sauce.  They also have Yakuzen* Curry including Mango, Peperoncino using Island Vegetables, etc. 


*Yakuzen is medicinal food dish.


Souvenir shop is available next to the café, so you can buy pound cake, jelly, and mangos, etc.


Please visit there hungry for fully enjoying meals and dessert.  


Rakuen no Kajitsu

Address: 259-2 Aza-Kurima, Shimoji, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

TEL: 0980-76-2991

Opening Hours: April to September / 11:00 to 19:00(L.O.18:30)

              October to March / 11:00 to 18:30(L.O.18:00)

              November to February / 11:00~18:00(L.O.17:30)

Closed on Tuesdays


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura