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Pancakes made entirely from ingredients 'made in Okinawa'

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* The name of the shop  has been changed from "Mermaid Cafe" to "Island Cafe."  (This is added on June 14, 2015.)
“Iejima wheat”, used in the pancakes at Mermaid Cafe, is a domestic species called “Ejima-junryoku” which is made in Iejima, a famous place for local wheat.
Its original flavor has gained popularity, and we are gaining an opportunity to see the word “Iejima wheat” in particular bakeries and restaurants in Okinawa, but the amount of production is low and it is a rare ingredient used in cooking.

Wheat is not the only select ingredient at Mermaid Cafe.
The syrup, essential to pancakes, is not maple syrup but instead cane syrup made from sugar cane.
The smooth and light sweetness and rich aroma like brown sugar lumps match the simple texture of the crust superbly.

The recommended item on the menu is the “special pancake set”.
Toppings of plump and juicy sausage and bacon are Beni-pork brand which is certified its taste and adopted by “Maisen”, an established shop of pork cutlets, and gained its popularity.
Also these are rare cooking ingredients which are produced by only three contracted farm houses.

Vegetables added to the dish are all organic, and the dish consists of high-quality ingredients so each bite is full of flavor and the fillings are exquisite! There are simply no other words to explain it. If you are coming with friends, as a couple or with family, please order sweets with toppings of berries and peanut ice cream and share and enjoy.

After the meal, we recommend original sweets called Shupon.
It is an original menu item made of special cream with a slight flavor of Ie Rum Santa Maria and pancake finished in tiramisu style.
If the weather is good, why don’t you forget your time at the terrace where you can spend time in front of Tanicha beach?

There are Hawaiian-style pancakes with towers of creme or soufflé style, a world of pancakes bright with all sorts of flowers but if you want to taste Okinawan pancakes, the place is Mermaid Cafe.
At night, they do have bar time when you can enjoy cocktails made of “local rum” called Ie Rum Santa Maria.
It is located near the resort area of Onnason so please stop by.

* The name of the shop  has been changed from "Mermaid Cafe" to "Island Cafe."  (This is added on June 14, 2015.)
Mermaid Cafe
168 Azatancha Onnason
Hours/Monday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
       Friday   11:00 am  to 10:00 pm
       Saturday 9:00 am   to 10:00 pm
       Sunday  9:00 am   to 5:00 pm
Shop Holiday/ Thursdays
Parking/ 5 cars
TEL. / 098-966-8290

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168 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa