Okinawa Tourism Information:ItDoesNotSeemLikeJapan!TheSpotswhereYouCanFeel“Okinawa”

It Does Not Seem Like Japan! The Spots where You Can Feel “Okinawa”

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Okinawa is the place where you can enjoy the magnificent view unlike the other prefectures of Japan. The beautiful beaches and sky are fabulous, and they attract many people.
Here is the list of southern island / the spots where you can feel Okinawa, so enjoy the “extraordinary” view.

① Mission Beach where You Can Have Fun at Your Own Pace

“Mission Beach” in Onna Village, the resort area in Okinawa Main Island, is a great spot to enjoy at your own pace. The beach is owned and managed by the Catholic Church, but it is open for public.
After passing through the gate in English…

The natural white sand and clear blue beach spread along the coast. The beach is chosen as a location for commercials and films often, so this is a perfect location for both.

Anybody can enjoy water sports including a banana boat and jet skiing, and also snorkeling and BBQ (reservation required). There are various ways to enjoy here, and visitors are able to enjoy swimming until the late-October, so you can still make it!

Information on Mission Beach

Address: 2005-1 Afuso, Onna Village
Tel: 098-967-8802
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② Araha Beach with a Relaxed Atmosphere

Many exotic spots are located in Chatan Town where many foreign residents reside.
For example, Araha Beach at Araha Park. Its relaxed atmosphere reminds of California or Hawaii, so everybody feel like being in other countries just being here.

Many people enjoy running or playing basketball at a basketball court along the beach. This is a good place for local people to get relaxed, and it is also a popular spot for sunset.
Families and couples come to this spot in the evening to watch sunset over East China Sea.

Information on Araha Beach

Address: 2-21 Chatan, Chatan Town
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③ A Paradise which is 20 Minutes Away From Naha

Here is an uninhabited island named “Nagannu Island,” and it is about 20 minutes away from Naha Port by a high-speed boat. Not many people are familiar with its name, but it is a part of Karama Islands which was designated as a national park in 2014, and it is so-called “the unknown” best-kept secret spot.

Anybody can take a day trip to here and have fun. Since facilities including restroom, shower room, dressing room, and a store are located on this island, visitors will not feel inconvenient.

You can enjoy the panoramic ocean view of this small island which is 3 km around, and emerald green colored beach comes into your field of vision. This is an island like paradise. If you want to see colorful fishes, why don’t you dive into the ocean?

You might feel like the time has stopped and being cut off from the world when you visit Nagannu Island. It is an uninhabited island, but you can stay overnight if you wish.
You might be healed when you look at the unrealistic view such as breathtaking beautiful sunset and starry sky.

Information on Nagannu Island

Address: 156 Aharen, Tokashiki Village / 3-14-2 Tomari, Naha City
Tel: 098-860-5860

④ An Uninhabited Island where People Can Go by Boat

The final spot is “Komaka Island” where is about 15 minutes away from Chinen Marine Leisure Center in Nanjo City by boat. This uninhabited island is about 800 m around. Facilities including restroom, water, and shower room are located here, and a boat departs from the center every 30 minutes from 9:15, so you can visit the island easily just for swimming.

Even Okinawa people who are familiar with beaches praise on this beautiful and very transparent beach. You can go round the island about 15 minutes on foot, so it is also good to enjoy walking here. It is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling, and small children can see tropical fish and corals in shallow water.

This clear cobalt blue beach might remain in your heart. Enjoy the unrealistic beautiful view as much as you can.

Information on Komaka Island

Address: 676 Chinen Kudeken, Nanjo City
Tel: 098-948-3355
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We recommended the good spots of Okinawa which remind of other countries. There are more magnificent view in Okinawa since it is surrounded by the ocean.
If you want to have extraordinary experience, let’s visit Okinawa and find out.

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