Okinawa Tourism Information:OkinawaSobaWithManyLocalIngredientsUnderTraditionalOkinawanHouse"Yanguwa"inKumejimaIsland

Okinawa Soba With Many Local Ingredients
Under Traditional Okinawan House
"Yanguwa" in Kumejima Island

post : 2015.10.06 18:00

Yanguwa is a restaurant that uses ingredients of Kumejima Island and serves Okinawa Soba in an old-fashioned Okinawan house with red tile roof.

The popular menu is "Miso Moyashi Soba"(800yen) that comes with many toppings. Soup stock based on chicken, pork, bonito, and dried kelp is mixed with Miso of Kumejima Island.( Miso used in soba is non-artificial and reduced salts Taira Miso ) Hidden spice is ginger. Chemical seasonings and additives are not added. It looks like it has a rich soup, but the hidden spice makes it taste good with light flavor.

Its noodles are homemade using deep sea water which is unique to Kumejima Island. You will be addicted to these chewy noodles.

They mainly use green onions that agriculture course at Kumejima High School grows. "Local high school students are making good vegetables. It is sad to abolish the course just because there are few students." says the owner, Naoki Nakasone, expressing the deep feelings for the island.

More than anything, abundant green sprouts catch the eye. Slightly sweet green sprouts are grown in a chemical free environment using water from a local spring. The crispy green sprouts mean that they are fresh. After stirring them with pork and garlic, they are served on top of soba. Other menu includes "medium sized Shima Soba"(650yen) and "medium sized Soki (boneless pork ribs) soba"(700yen).

In its garden, colorful and tropical flowers are growing and make relaxing moments. On a cool day, having the soba outside surrounded by beautiful flowers is something special.

Mr.Nakasone renovated his own house and opened Yanguwa in May, 2007. This tatami area where visitors eat is actually a living room. What is unique about this place is that Nakasone family gather here at night. There is a certain purpose for this. " If people don't live in a house, there is no warmth. I want people to enjoy the soba in the olden island's life style."

" I had no experience in restaurant business, so I walked and asked around the elderly in the neighborhood to restore authentic and more delicious Okinawa Soba. It's up to visitors to decide whether it's tasty or not, so we are not placing any advertisement." Such obsession to pursue the true Okinawa soba might have been the reason that this place is so popular.

Soba Restaurant Yanguwa
Address: 509 Nakadomari, Kumejima Town, Okinawa
Phone: 080-3226-3130
Closed on Wednesdays
Open: 12:00~14:30(Last Order)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer : Kiwamu Ogawa