Okinawa Tourism Information:“Katachiki,”aSiblings’TeamwhoProducesBingata×SewingMachine-themedArtWork

“Katachiki,” a Siblings’ Team who Produces Bingata × Sewing Machine-themed Art Work

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Shuri, Naha City is the place which remains the good-old atmosphere. It is about 5 minutes on foot from Monorail Gibo Station, and this bingata shop is located in a quiet residential area. It is hard to believe that the shop is located in such a quiet area like here. 


A siblings’ team “Katachiki” consisting of Yumiko Sakieda (bingata / L) and Yuko Toma (design & sewing / R). Yumiko is the older sister, and Yuko is the younger one. 


After majoring in Dyeing at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Yumiko worked for a textile arts company and studied with Reiko Fujimura, the bingata artist. 

Yuko moved to Tokyo after finishing her education at Naha Technical High School where she studied clothing design, and she was active in apparel industry in Tokyo. However, she returned to Okinawa after the Great East Japan Earthquake had happened in 2011. 

Yumiko was looking for someone who could add spice to her art works, and Yuko was considering starting a new project in Okinawa at that time.

After they saw a future in both of their jobs, they started “Katachiki” in September 2012 to produce the traditional art bingata and sewing machine-themed art works. 


They make a design based on the traditional technique of bingata, and do all work from creation to sewing by their own hands.

Since they can focus on their specialized fields, each work is high in quality!

They wish that “each work will be passed down as traditional craft in daily life.”


Using materials including smooth and breathable natural fiber which interweaved okra fiber with paper yarn and cotton, silk which produces great color, and hemp which adds a flavor by using many times. Sisters are particular about the materials that they use. 


The characteristic of their dyeing is calm and chic-toned high contrast. Since its color is in a fine balance, it doesn't look simple.


The tools that they use for the process of bingata are also good-old things. Shuri was burned down by the war, and those artists who lost tools improved spent cartridges and used them as tools.

Yumiko still uses these good-old tools to show respect to the toughness of those artists back then and their stance of not to end the traditional art. 


Yumiko dyes cloths with her whole heart, and then Yuko turns it into art works.

While inheriting tradition, they produce the works that can be made only here by adding a spice to the new material. 


“Katachiki” means “bingata” in Okinawan language.

Sisters hope that everybody will get interested in the nature, people, and everyday life of Okinawa through bingata. You can take a look at their works at their shop.

Their personalities and renovated housing / shop are also wonderful, so please stop by when you visit Okinawa.


Katachiki holds workshop regularly, and these works on the photo were made by participants who attended the workshop last time.

There are 2 ways to dye bingata: 1) use paper stencil, and 2) Tsutsugaki - draw freehand by glue. You can experience making a washcloth by Tsutsugaki in a workshop on October.


The finished washcloth looks cute to wear as a turban like this.

They give a lecture about not only how to use tools and dyeing technique, but also the history of bingata in the workshop. Beginners can enjoy dyeing bingata, and tourists are also welcome.
*Finished work will be delivered to your house after color fixing, so each participant is not going to take it with you on the day of the workshop.

Since it takes time to prepare glue, please make a reservation at least 2 days prior to the workshop day. Seats are limited for the workshop, so please contact them if you were interested.

Address: 2-4 Shuri Gibo-cho, Naha City
Date: October 15 (Thu) & 24 (Sat), 2015
Time: 14:00 – (about 2 hr)
Fee: 8,500 yen (stole) / 3,000 yen (washcloth)

Reservation: via Tel or E-mail at

Katachiki “Bingata × Sewing Machine”
Address: 2-4 Shuri Gibo-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-911-8604
Business Hours: Mon – Sat (10:00 – 16:00)
Closed: Sun & Japanese national holidays
Parking: available


Facebook: カタチキ「紅型×ミシン」

Instagram: KATACHIKI

Okinawa CLIP writer Takano Nakao