Okinawa Tourism Information:HandmadeItemsat“KanaHana,”aSmallStoreinOnnaVillage

Handmade Items at “Kana Hana,”
a Small Store in Onna Village

post : 2015.10.27 20:00

Onna Village, one of the resort areas in Okinawa. After driving West Coast on Route 58 and entering a residential area, there is a small handmade item store named “Kana Hana.”


Once you enter the store, you will find a variety of items here and there. Items such as retro-looking seal cases, hairpins, pencil cases, selected sewing kits, and more.

An American vintage cloth was used to make this puffed gamaguchi (a metal clip for a small bag) bag. Bags and other items that were made of Okinawa’s traditional dyeing cloth “bingata” and vintage kimono are available as well.


My recommendations are the sets of chopstick sleeves with Okinawa’s traditional chopsticks “Umeshi,” and scrunchies that reminds of tropical islands.


Kanako Kikuyama, an artist / owner of the store, loves making things since her childhood. After graduating from a dressmaking school, she got married and moved to Okinawa. Now, she is a mother of an elementary school student. 


She was making some items and baby products for her child as a hobby. Later, the unique materials that cannot be seen in other items and her careful work grabbed people’s attention. Her friend suggested her to sell her handmade products to the public, and currently, anybody can purchase her products at resort hotels in Okinawa and “Nakayukui Ichiba” in Onna Village.

She thinks of cloths as important things, so she tries not to leave a piece of cloth when she makes items. She mainly makes items for adult women, but she also makes items for children such as small bags for portable game devices and tote bags.


Kanako pays close attention to cloths. She says, “We can learn about historical background and mode from the vintage cloths' retrospective design back then. Plus, I prefer the rough ones.”

She selects cloths that she thinks that are cute. She tells me, “I treasure every cloths I see. It is hard to get the same cloths, especially the vintage ones, so it is impossible to make the same items I made before even though I want to make them again.”


Not only items, but also she started to sell some materials for customers to make items by themselves. Materials including small buttons and ribbons are available at the store, and customers can purchase each starting from 1. It must be fun to imagine finished items and pick your favorite materials.

She holds a workshop for making gamaguchi items, and beginners can make the items in 2 – 3 hours (reservation required). 

I felt like being a kid again while looking at each handmade item that Kanako made with her whole heart. Customers can enjoy spending time here besides buying souvenir, so please stop by.

Kana Hana
Address: 318-2 Nakama, Onna Village
Tel: 090-4357-0106
*Shop opens irregularly & reservation required.

*Kana Hana’s items are also available at:

Nakayukui Ichiba Onna no Eki
Address: 1656-9 Nakadomari, Onna Village
Tel: 098-964-1188
Business Hours: 10:00 - 9:00

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akari Matsumura