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You Can Get Rare Orion Beer Items at “Jisakasu”

post : 2015.10.31 22:00

Speaking of beer in Okinawa, it is Orion Beer of course.

That will be the best to use a jock with “Orion” logo when you drink ice-cold Orion Beer. Plus, you might feel like being in Okinawa even at home when you use a can opener with its logo.

And now, some Orion Beer items are lined up at a shop named “Jisakasu.” A Hokkaido-born owner, Tatsuya Yoneki opened this shop 4 years ago. Good-old items of the U.S., Japan, and Europe are lined up here, and they remind of a big toy box.

Other items including Fire-King, retrospect Japanese enamel pots, and pins that were used as decorations for hats and bags in Europe. Yoneki always loved vintage items, and he dreamt of opening his own shop someday. He purchased each unique item at several shops in Hokkaido, Tokyo, the U.S., and Canada.

He started to sell items of Orion Beer after he opened his shop in Okinawa, these items include mugs, glasses, and can openers. These items were given by Orion Breweries, Ltd. when he opened his restaurant, so these were originally not for sale. After he purchases the items of Orion Beer from collectors, he gets permission from Orion Breweries, Ltd. and sells them at his shop.

You can find lots of items not only mugs, ashtrays, and can openers. There are also paper lanterns, beer taps that people can find at bars, medals, stickers, entry forms for prizes, newspaper ads, and bottles and cans of Orion Beer that went out of production already.


“There are more elderly Orion Beer item collectors in Okinawa than I thought. They tell me to call them immediately when I found rare items, so each item will be gone quickly.”
Yoneki told me and laughed.


It means that you might be lucky if you found rare Orion Beer items at "Jisakasu!" If you want to buy a souvenir with a twist, let’s visit this shop. Items go in and out rapidly, so you can find something new every time you visit here. 

Address: 3-4-6 Makishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-943-1154
Business Hours: 11:00-20:00
Closed: Monday

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Aya Asakura