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Accessories with Okinawan Shells
Ti-da Beach

post : 2015.11.23 12:00

Close to the Kokusai Street in Naha city, an accessory shop "Ti-da Beach" is located in the Ukishima Street. Inside the shop, there are many necklaces, earings, and bracelets.

Ti-da Beach is run by a married couple, Takashi Nagayama as an owner and Kei Masuyama as a designer who love the beaches.

Loving Okinawa, Ms.Masuyama moved into here from Tochigi prefecture. As her hobby, she used to make accessories using shells. After getting married, she wanted to start a job doing what she is good at, so they established Ti-da Beach in the summer of 2013.

Ms.Masuyama goes to the beaches on Okinawa Island and also remote islands to collect shells for accessories. Shells are used for accessories after being washed thoroughly so they have the natural beauty.

They kindly take requests from customers who would like to change shells or design.

"Because they are not ready-made accessories and I use natural materials, which means that there aren't the same one at all, I would like to respond to a request from customers as much as possible" says Ms.Masuyama.

There are other products at Ti-da Beach, such as key holders and bags. Key holders have a small shell and fragments of Ryukyu glass and it is good for a souvenir.

In the center of the shop, there is a huge couch. Their products are mainly for women and men might get bored waiting. It was Mr.Nagayama's idea to place the couch so that men won't get tired. 

While relaxing at the couch, you may get information about popular restaurants or hidden beaches.

Lastly, I asked them if they can give any message to the people who read Okinawa CLIP. Mr.Nagayama says "Please come here to fall in love with Okinawa where there are rich in nature and culture and people are kind." Then, that made me realize that I moved into here because I fell in love with it.

Ti-da Beach's accessories such as bracelets with shells and turquoise, which is like the color of Okinawan ocean, will remind you of Okinawa.

Ti-da Beach
Address: 1-B 2-2-13 Matsuo, Naha-city, Okinawa

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter: Akari Matsumura