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Mika Asaka / Photowriter

post : 2012.10.31 22:00

Mika Asaka

Photowriter, facilitator, planner and operator of Okinawa folk songs event, owner of “Okinawa Jyo-to Market”

What I like: Sake(Alcohol), sea, music, trip ※I really love traditional Miyako drinking habit!
Motto: Laid back and enjoy
Favorite Saying: Fortune favors cheerful homes

I was born in Kansai region. After traveling around Japan and the world, I wanted to learn Okinawan folk songs, so I decided to move into Okinawa in the late summer of 2004.
I am a writer and facilitator and also run “Okinawa Jyo-to Market” where I gathered Okinawan goods that farmers or creators are proud of, such as miracle chemical-free mangoes.

I would like to tell many things about Okinawa to the people all over Japan!

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