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Naoko Tsuruta / Photowriter

post : 2012.10.31 21:00

Naoko Tsuruta

Born in 1968 and raised in Okinawa. Currently works as a director, a planner, and a freelance writer. Previously worked at an advertisement agency as a copywriter and at a music office of Rinken Band.

I grew up in a big family. The Okinawan dialect that has stayed in my heart is “ Fu-jin ne-n”

It means custom or discipline. The elderly in my family used to say that words to me indicating that “It is undignified behavior” and I needed to behave myself. For some reasons, I like this Okinawan dialect.

Once, Ryota Shiba said “Discipline is a culture.” From Okinawa, which is known as the entrance of East Asia, I would like to tell you about the island’s many faces that it has to offer.

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