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Antenna Shop of Churaumi Aquarium
Umi Churara in Naha

post : 2015.12.07 18:00

Antenna shop of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium "Umi Churara" is located in Kokusai Street, just 3-4 minute walk from Kencho-mae Monorail Station.

Okinawan ocean-like blue sign is the landmark. The shop is located on the second floor of Washita Shop Kokusai Street Main Store.

Going up the stairs, you will see many items! The shop gathered popular ones out of all the item of the Churaumi Aquarium.

Recommendation is stuffed animals! There are so many cute ones such as whale shark, the popular animal in the tank, manta, turtle, manatee, and clownfish.

There are also items like T-shirts with cute illustration of fish, stationaries, caps, towels, snacks, and more, which are good as souvenirs.

Come to Umi Churara for shopping, If you forget to buy something or couldn't take much time for shopping because the shops at the aquarium were crowded. There is some item like IPhone case exclusively sold at Umi Churara.

Inside the store, you can also check programs available at the aquarium. They also have tablets so that you can take your time to check the aquarium's website.

Event information at the Okinawa Ocean Expo is available too.

Going to the store even before visiting the aquarium is good since they sell discounted tickets for admission of the aquarium.

On top of that, there is small aquarium that you can enjoy watching marine animals.

Clownfish, the popular fish at the aquarium, are swimming freely in the tank. Spotted garden-eels sometimes show their face from the sands and they are so adorable.

200 inch screen shows a movie of whale sharks and mantas swimming at the aquarium. Tables and chairs are prepared so please have a seat and relax!

Next to the store, "Yambazar" that has special products and tourist information about Yambaru(Northern part of Okinawa) opened up.

There are various special products of Yambaru from food, mango jam, mozuku seaweed noodles, Okinawan shallots dressing to goods using textiles and abaca cloth and turtle watch.

Right next to it, there is Soukana Cafe, the best place to rest.

Ryukyu Yakuso Smoothie using Okinawan fruits such as Okinawan lime and herb tastes good. All smoothies here use pure soy milk and is healthy.

There are fresh mango juice and acerola juice.

Also, you cannot miss premium soft-serve ice cream! It uses fresh cream and is only sold either here or at the Naha International Airport.

There are special benefits for shoppers! By presenting a stub of the admission ticket of the aquarium, you can get 5% discount for the entire item at the store! ( untill December 31st, 2014 )

Annual Pass holders can get 5 more percent off! The same deal is also offered at stores in the aquarium. For people who have renewed their Annual Pass can receive 10% discount!

There are more benefits! Every item you buy here can be sent to everywhere in Japan at the fixed rate of 1,000yen! So no need to carry big stuffed animals or many souvenirs.

Various special benefits are available at Umi Churara. It is a good place to shop for tourists as well as local people.

Enjoy shopping at Umi Churara!

Umi Chuara
Address: 2nd floor of Washita Shop Kokusai Street Main Store, 3-2-22 Kumoji, Naha-City, Okinawa
Phone: 098-917-1500
Open everyday

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter: Akiko Ono