Okinawa Tourism Information:Thebest-keptgourmetplaceinKadenaTown“UmigaMieruSobaya”Perfecttaste!PerfectView!

The best-kept gourmet place in Kadena Town “Umi ga Mieru Sobaya” Perfect taste! Perfect View!

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“Churaumi (beautiful ocean)” + “Okinawa soba”..”Umi ga Mieru Sobaya” can satisfy you with these two big contents representing Okinawa tourism.  When you try to find this kind of place, it is actually hard to find one.

But please don’t worry.  Let’s find one in a search engine by ““海が見えるそば家 Umi ga Mieru Sobaya (Noodle Shop with Ocean View),” you can find this shop immediately!  The shop “Umi ga Mieru Sobaya” will be the number one result on a search result page.   

“Umi ga Mieru Sobaya” in the western part of Kadena Town in the central part of mainland Okinawa is located next to Kaneku Seaside Park, and opened in 2002.  The quiet location which commands a view of East China Sea is for the best-kept Okinawa Soba shop not many people know about. 

By the way, speaking of Kadena Town, you have an image of “Town of the U.S. base,” and the seaside area of the west of the town are not well known.  It has a similar atmosphere to Chatan Town, but it is attractive for its calm nature of the locality, quite away from the bustle and hustle. 

The owner, Mr. Yoshiatsu Kobashigawa, who has experienced as a Western-style cuisine chef, is proud of non-additive soup for his Okinawa Soba.  The soup is pork bone base with firm flavor of kelp and dried bonito flakes.  This is the original flavor here, whose plain but rich and savory flavor spreads in your mouth.  Especially female customers love its simple flavor by natural sea salt. 

My best recommendation is “Nankotsu Soki Soba (Noodle with Soft-boned Spare Rib) (large)” (650 yen with tax included).  Plump, Big-volume soft-boned spare rib is, of course, homemade, too.  A rich, mild flavor is so perfect, and its creamy flavor gently spreads in your mouth.  It has rather light flavor, and makes a good balance with a rich soup. 

Firm, medium fine noodle whose characteristic is “being hard to absorb much water,” is made by Nishizaki Seimen Noodle Manufacture (in Itoman City) by special order.  The noodle is smooth, silky and gilded down the throat easily.  It took Kobashigawa-san a long time to find “A real noodle.”  First, he was refused by the noodle maker again and again, but he repeated requests with all eagerness, at last the maker accepted it.  It really shows his passion for noodle. 

The owner, Kobashigawa-san (Shown in the left in the photo, with his wife to his right) is very friendly, and active as a music band member in Okinawa.  When he moved from Naha City to Kadena Town about 30 years ago, he served dinner in a western-style cuisine restaurant.  However, about 14 years ago, he started to think “I want much more customers to enjoy this lovely location with ocean view,” and determined to start business in daytime, not at night when customers cannot see the ocean clearly.  “Why don’t we open a shop of Okinawa Soba, which I have loved since childhood?” He totally changed his direction of career to have a renewal opening of the current shop “Umi ga Mieru Sobaya.”

The original flavor developed from his experience as a Western-style cuisine chef has attracted many fans from old and young, Japanese to foreign people for a long time.  Most of the customers are repeated ones, some of whom are from Okinawa and others are all the way from outside of Okinawa, they said.

They sell sundry goods and processed ingredients in a fancy shop with the entrance wall full of autographs of famous people. 

Needless to say this, but the window seats are popular, and the shop is often crowded around noon.  So it is recommended to visit the shop around 11:00 right after its opening time or around 14:00 when it is passed busy lunch hour.   

And on top of that, speaking of the western coast, sunset is beautiful!  You can enjoy sunset earlier in winter.  So it would be nice to visit there before closing time to enjoy the soba noodle while savoring the sunset! 

Umi ga Mieru Sobaya

Address: 6-25-13 Mizugama, Kadena Town, Okinawa
TEL: 098-956-0940
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Closed on Mondays

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)

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