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Hidden Coffee Shop in Small Street

post : 2015.12.17 18:00

Stepping a foot in an alley of Heiwa Dori Shopping Arcade close to the Makishi Public Market, there is a small coffee shop.

In a unique Asian stmosphere, there is a hidden cafe, which is surrounded by a Tempura(deep fried foods) store that has been in business for long, jewellery shop, and clothing store that sells tropical print clothes.

Inside the small coffee shop, there is a counter table for 4 people and 2 terrace tables outside. "Cafe street CHATANCOFFEE" known as "Cafest" is loved among the locals.

You will see many local people coming in such as a young lady who comes to have a morning coffee, an artist from mainland Japan, and an elderly woman who comes to have a sweetened iced tea three times a day.

A price for a cup of coffee is only 250 yen! That makes sense that many locals go there. They set the price reasonable so that people can come and enjoy coffee everyday.

Cafest also does delivery of just brewed coffee to meat shops in the public market. Cafest does delivery to the people in the shopping arcade. They started delivery service because the workers there don't have equipment to brew coffee or don't have time to buy coffee. On the way back to the shop from delivery, people order coffee sometimes.

Katsuaki Kiyokawa, the owner of Cafest, welcomes customers. He is a friendly man from Kansai region and loved by many locals.

He says "Coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans is my recommendation. It is good to have with Tempura just across Cafest." Well, that is a quite unique recommendation to have coffee and Tempura together, but they taste really well together. I quickly finished off eating deep fried mozuku seaweed and a little bitter coffee. Seeing me eating, he said "This is the real Okinawan fast food." 

( Photo provided by cafe street CHATANCOFFEE)

Mango juice, only available in summer, is another recommendation. Okinawan fresh mangos are on top.

Even though many shops use cooked or frozen mango, Cafest use fully ripe mangos that are difficult to store. Because of its proximity to the market, they can store and provide fully ripe mangos. Some people look forward to this every year and keep coming back to enjoy the fresh mango juice.

They also sell various coffee beans and icing cookies shaped Shi-sa.(Gurdian Lion)

Cafest makes efforts so that everyone can enjoy coffee. There are many customers from foreignn countries, travelers from Asia or Americans who work on base.

Because it is a small cafe, Cafest are close teo customers and conversations just start naturally.

Cafest is a place that you can enjoy good coffee and talking to other people.

Please visit Cafest to meet new people with a good coffee.

cafe street CHATANCOFFEE
Address: 2-9-7 Matsuo, Naha-city, Okinawa
Phone: 098-861-0468
Open: 9:00~20:00 everyday

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter : Akari Matsumura