Okinawa Tourism Information:“KafuwaGinowan”isanAccommodationRenovatedfromForeignResidence.WholeHouse–PerfectforFamiliesandGroups!

“Kafuwa Ginowan” is an Accommodation Renovated from Foreign Residence. Whole House – Perfect for Families and Groups!

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Within a 30-minute car ride from Naha Airport and a 5-minute car ride to the popular Tropical Beach, “Kafuwa Ginowan” is located.  You can rent a whole house of the 3LDK accommodation, which is for up to 7 adults.  The house was renovated from a foreign residence which had been built for U.S. military personnel after the battle of Okinawa, which can be often seen in Okinawa. 

The garden has a more than 100-year-old gajumaru (banyan) tree with a handmade swing hanging from it.

“Kafuwa” is an Okinwan dialect meaning “good news” or “happiness.”  The owner, Mr. Atsushi Nakamura, named his accommodation “Kafuwa” with a wish that this place starts spreading the circle of happiness. 

When you open the door, what comes into your sight first is a living dining room coordinated in pop colors.  As Nakamura san is very good at DIY, he made tables and shelves all by himself.  The room provides a soft atmosphere you can feel the warmth of wood. 

Since it used to be a foreign residence, it has a high ceiling giving a sense of openness.  The kitchen is so spacious.  The basic cooking home appliances like a microwave oven, a rice cooker, a refrigerator, etc. are available, so you can cook for yourself easily.  Behind the dining room are a washing machines and a dryer. 

There are two bed rooms.  One has three single beds with plenty of sunshine coming into it.

And the other has a bunk bed, which is also handmade by Nakamura san!  Wow!

He designed the spacious semi-double sized bed with a high ceiling for a person at the bottom not to have an oppressive feeling.  Also putting beds together makes you feel lots of space.  Looking at the bed, you feel as if you could hear children frolic.  A family can sleep together at full length on the bed as well.

There is a kid room which makes your children cry with joy.  It gives children a very warm reception with toys, small slide, etc. 

I asked Nakamura-san why you designed it very friendly to children, and his answer was very simple. 

“I just want both adults and children to enjoy their trip in a relaxed fashion.” 

Usually parents have to use lots of energy to tell their children, “Please don’t do this. Please don’t touch that because I don’t want you to break it,” even during their trip.  However, this place is different.

“As long as no one gets injured, it will be alright if a piece of furniture gets a little scratch.  As you rent the whole house, you don’t have to pay much considerations for others. I want both grownups and children to enjoy themselves with smiles.”

Preparing something children can enjoy with in the house doesn’t get them bored even in an accommodation, and accordingly their parents can savor the relaxing time. The swing, the bunk bed, and kids’ room are all created from the gentleness of Nakamura san, who has four children. 

The comfortable garden under the clear blue sky commands an ocean view in the distance.  You can enjoy BBQ here, too!  With an additional 1,000 yen, you can use BBQ grill and charcoal.  

And on top of that, another happy service is that Nakamura san can help you with planning your trip.   Not only at the reservation time but also at the check-in time, he can tell recommended shops and tour routes. 

In a hot season, he can recommend popular snorkeling spots among local people with fewer tourists.  If you like sundry goods, he can recommend fancy sundry shops.  And he can recommend more like places you can encounter with local people, great secret spots, etc.   “I can support you with planning your trip,” said Nakamura san.  He is like a guide for your trip to Okinawa. 

Such kind care to visitors also stemmed from his wish that your trip will be lot of fun.

You can stay here with your pet or with a big group!  In addition to family trips, “Kafuwa Ginowan” becomes popular for girls’ trips and graduation trips nowadays.  

Cute cafes and a bakery is nearby, so you can stay in “Kafuwa Ginowan” as if you lived in this area.  The accommodation is truly full of kindness.  

Kafuwa Ginowan

Address: 2‐5‐11, Ojana, Ginowan City, Okinawa
TEL: 090-1947-0122(direct), 098-998-8628
Accommodation Fee: 25,000 yen for renting a whole house 
*Price varies according to plans.

* Free rental service of snorkeling set is available.
* Another accommodation reformed from a foreign residence whose living room has kids’ house, “Kafuwa Urasoe” is available.  You can rent for a whole house as well.  Please refer to the website. 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono

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