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post : 2015.12.19 19:00

SUP(Stand Up Paddle Surfing)is a marine sport in which you can walk on the water freely left and right, forward and back, standing on a big surfboard and using a paddle.  It has been a big boom in the world, mainly in Hawaii.  Because of using a floaty, wide board, even women and children can stand on it easily. 

When you move forward with a swagger in the spectacular scenery, you develop an illusion that you have the vast ocean all to yourself.  You can enjoy a myriad of corals in different colors and shapes passing by below you and watch beautiful tropical fish closely.  I guarantee that this activity will be a special experience for you!  You can enjoy casually with your family or friends while having a fun conversation. 

Beach House namimachi can give you a reliable support by guides who are very familiar with the local sea environment for you to enjoy a safe experience of SUP.  After savoring walking on the water surface to the fullest, you can fully enjoy BBQ in a spacious terrace.  You feel great enjoying beer while viewing the ocean beyond the sugarcane fields! 

Beach House namimachi

Address: 355-3 Uza, Yomitan Village, Nakagami County, Okinawa
TEL: 080-6490-0428

Shooting Cooperation (Location Coordination and Aerial Shoot) with C plus. Inc.

Okinawa CLIP Movie Writer  Gojobori Kazumi