Okinawa Tourism Information:AzureBlueOceanViewfrom“KayauchiBanta,”StunningVistaSpotinNorthOkinawa!

Azure Blue Ocean View from “Kayauchi Banta,” Stunning Vista Spot in North Okinawa!

post : 2015.12.23 19:00

Near Cape Hedo at the northernmost point of mainland Okinawa and Daisekirinzan is located “Kayauchi Banta,” a spectacular view spot where you can look over the East China Sea from a 80m-high precipitous cliff.

“Banta” is an Okinawan word meaning “cliff.”  When you throw a bundle of thatch into the sea, it will fall apart to pieces in wind.  That’s how the name “Kaya (thatch) uchi (to beat) banta (cliff)” was given to this spot.  This is a part of the Okinawa Coastal Quasi-National Park. 

The view from the observatory is a dynamic landscape only found in Okinawa.   

In front of you, you can savor the lush green of the forest of Yanbaru stretching along the coast, the very clear blue sky, and the azure blue ocean.  When you stand here, you always feel like taking a deep breath.  A big heart which can hold everything, the gentleness, and the strength!  I cannot help feeling the deep energy of Nature, which Okinawa boasts of. 

When entering the small path next to this signboard, another small lookout comes into your sight. 

When you look down, you can see a fishing port, and the magnificent views of coral sea spread out. 

The shoaling sea here is especially clear!  The beauty is so amazing that you really feel like being absorbed into it. 

Near the two observatories, there is a gazebo.  You can take a break, avoiding the sunshine.

On a sunny day, you can view Izena Island and Iheya Island from here.

With fewer visitors and a relaxing atmosphere, you feel comforted by the vast nature at a best kept secret in the northern part of mainland Okinawa. 

Kayauchi Banta

Address: Aza-Ginama, Kunigami Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980 - 41‐2101 (Tourism, Business and Planning Department, Kunigami Village Office)

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter   Akiko Ono

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