Okinawa Tourism Information:ABestSecretSpotStandingonaHillintheNorth!Let’sViewCapeHedofrom“YanbarukuinaLookout.”

A Best Secret Spot Standing on a Hill in the North! Let’s View Cape Hedo from “Yanbarukuina Lookout.”

post : 2015.12.24 19:00

It is an about 5-minute car ride from Cape Hedo at the northern end of mainland Okinawa.  When you go down along the road starting from the notice of Uzahama Ruins around the entrance of Cape Hedo, and go up on the winding road, you will find “Yanbarukuina Lookout,” which stands dominantly on the heights.

Yanbarukuina is a natural monument bird, and habitats in the northern Yanbaru area of mainland Okinawa.  Characteristically it has a red beak and red feet.  This lookout was designed to look like a real Yanbarukuina.  

When I went there, I was really surprised by the size.  It is about 11m tall.  When you take a souvenir photo around the foot, see?  You can see how giant it is!!

There is a scenic overlook nearby, and you can view the refreshingly clear sky and sea before you.  On a sunny day, you can look as far as Yoron Island in Kagoshima Prefecture.  This is a hidden stunning view spot in the northern part of mainland Okinawa. 

This Yanbarukuina-shaped building itself is a lookout, so you can go inside and go up on stairs to reach the observation deck.   You can savor the scenery even from a higher place. 

You can enjoy viewing from the window around the chest of the bird or under its wing.   Below you a best kept secret white sand beach spreads out.  In addition, what you can see from all the directions is Cape Hedo, which reminds you of the head of a dragon. 

When you look over Cape Hedo, the northernmost point of mainland Okinawa, a little away from it, you might realize you have really arrived at the northern end of the island even stronger. 

The giant lookout looks over the vast ocean from the upland.  Like “Cape Hedo” and “Kayauchi Banta,” it is a stunning view point in the northern part of mainland Okinawa.    

Yanbarukuina Lookout

Address: Aza-Hedo, Kunigami Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-41-2101
(Tourism, Business and Planning Department, Kunigami Village Office)
Admission Free, Parking Available

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter   Akiko Ono

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