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Feel the Breeze at Sashikasa Hija

post : 2015.12.27 18:00

Shuritobarucho in Naha has a unique atmosphere since the area used to be an old capital. Complicated small streets found here and there would make you walk slowly and let you enjoy the scenery. 

There are many footprints of Ryukyu Kingdom era, however, one of the most incredible ones is "Sashikasa Hija."

Hija means a spring water and it is also a praying place to thank god for blessing. Sashikasa Hija is located in the premises of Sho Dynasty. Sashikasa Ajiganashi, the oldest daughter of King Shoshin, found this spring by seeing a heron sitting on garcinia, so the spring was named after her.

Following the signs for the spring, you will see green trees. The gate with the sign saying "To Prayers, please walk through the gate" looks like an entrance to a different world.

Opening the gate slightly and slide your body in, there are stone wall covered with plants surrounding the spring.

It will make you feel relaxed listening to water dropping and feeling the breeze. After going down the stone steps, there is a "Yugafu Ukaguwa" which was also used as water well.

Plants covering ryukyu lime stone unique to Okinawa are so beautiful. This place shows the wisdom of people in olden days which mixes artifact and the nature.

"Sashikasa Hija" is a sacred place where you can feel and imagine how Okinawa used to be in the dynasty era. Enjoy and feel olden days of Okinawa with the nature.

There are people who still come to this place for praying so please try to be quiet when you visit.

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer: Aya Asakura