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Sabani Boat Takes You Everywhere

post : 2015.12.27 21:00

Sabani is a small fishing boat with a sail and oars. In Okinawa before the war, people used to use it for fishing.

There is a written record that says Sabani boat sailed to overseas sometimes. How brave they were to sail in such a small boat.

Every year in summer, there is a race which is to sail from Zamami island to Okinawa main island using Sabani. In Yambaru of Nago city, you can experience sailing by Sabani.

In the year of 2000, people were concerned that this Sabani tradition may be lost, so they decided to take action.

People who would like to pass this on to the next generation gathered and asked one of the few Sabani builder to build new Sabani and repaired the ones left behind. There are no blueprints for Sabani, so the boat builder's experience and expertise are essential. A project to revive Sabani culture started by the hands of the Sabani builder (who is 86 years old as of 2014) and Sabani lovers.

When you are on Sabani, you can see the ocean surface so close and there is no engine sound. The emerald green ocean changes its color with the reflection of sunlight. Face of the ocean is much beautiful than the ones you see from the shore.

Sabani's sail catches wind people paddle with oars to move forward. It is so comfortable and you may feel like as if you become a wind when you are on Sabani boat.

Sabani, such a small boat without engine, surprised even yacht builders because it is so mobile and resistant to waves.

There are various courses to enjoy Sabani! Short trip of 30 minutes is 3,500yen per person. Camping course including one night stay at uninhabited island is 18,000 yen per person( this price is an example for a group of six.)

A tanned Sabani crew guide will show you around and talk about stories of the ocean that you've never heard. 

Contact Information
Fukaki Sabani 
Address: 2-8-47 Agarie, Nago-city, Okinawa
TEL&FAX: 098-988-3821
Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer: Aya Asakura