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Farmer's Cafe with Love for the Nature

post : 2015.12.28 18:00

YANBARU HARUSAA'S TABLE Cookhal is like an antenna shop of Yambaru food.

(Special Plate when I visited was grilled chicken of Yambaru. The plate is created by a pottery artist, Nobuko Konno, who lives in Yambaru area.)

Inside, there are plenty of products of Yambaru. Small shopping area gathered locally harvested fruits and vegetables and seasonings. There is also a smoothie corner that uses fruits you just bought at the shopping area. They have everything you need to enjoy a season of Yambaru.

A farmer and representative of Okinawan Farmers Club, Yukio Yoshino says " Even though summer isn't the season for vegetables in Okinawa, I will bring anything I can find at the field."

The cafe mainly provides lunch, Special Plate comes with a main dish, soup, salad, and buffet of 6 meals.(1,200yen) They also offer Yambaru Curry (900yen) changing its taste weekly from Asian curry to Indian curry. It uses some of the local spice, unique to Okinawan tropical weather. Harusa-Bowl is provided with soup.(750yen) All menu come with beverage and desert.

The reason why they have special plate, curry, and bowl on the menu is that they don't have to stick to certain vegetables so that they can use any vegetables harvested on that day. They started to serve this style because they wanted people to know how much they are blessed with local food.

Mr.Yoshino says "What we are aimimng for is establishing a new community based on agriculture. For example, there is a spice called Karaki lamb which is like a cinnamon and used to be used to make Okinawan snack Popo. We use that spice in curry so that people will learn about a new recipe and how to use vegetables and seasonings made locally. Through this kind of new recipe, I want to make connection between the locals, farmers, and food processor. So I always use spice that local processors make. 80% of ingredients I use are from Yambaru area, such as Yagachi Masu, which is salt from Yagachi Island. 

The day I visited, all seats were taken. I saw many local people. He said "Many mothers come because they seemed to talk about the cafe at childcare facilities."

What you cannot miss at this cafe is cappuccino. Tomoko Niwa, a barista who used to work at a 5 star hotel, choose coffee beans carefully by walking around many shops all over Okinawa. Once you sip, the rich flavor of coffe will spread in the mouth and you will taste bitter espresso with fluffy milk.

To tourists, who came to Okinawa and had Okinawa soba and Taco Rice, if you are thinking what to eat next, or if you would like to enjoy the real local food, visit YANBARU HARUSAA'S TABLE Cookhal!

You can feel the farmer's love for the food and the local.

Address: 4607-1 Nago, Nago-city, Okinawa 
TEL: 0980-43-5895
Open: 9:00-17:00
Closed on Sundays
Parking lot available

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer :  Aya Asakura