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Enjoy the Rich Nature at Café & Eco-stay “Canaan Slow Farm”

post : 2015.12.29 22:00

Higashi Village, located in Northern Okinawa Main Island, is famous for the production area of pineapples in Japan. An accommodation named Café & Eco-stay “Canaan Slow Farm” is located in the spot with the rich nature and the blue beach. 


“Welcome back!”
At the moment when I arrived at the accommodation, the owner Hanae Yoda started talking with a guest with a smile. The guest just returned from fishing, and then another staff asked the guest “did you catch something?” This casual conversation made them comfortable.

It seemed like a family reunion, and the warm atmosphere made the guest smile. I think I understood what this place is like at once.

Time passes slowly, and this place is filled with the staffs’ kindness. This is the farm resort area where the staffs cultivate organic vegetables and fruits, and raise animals including pigs, cows, and chickens.

The staffs are focusing on recycling-based agriculture: a method to generate livestock feed from waste of the farm, accommodation, and neighborhood. And then make their dung into fertilizer and use it to cultivate crops.

This is the ideal agricultural style to appreciate the blessings of nature, return the waste to the soil, and grow new crops. It teaches us to appreciate the Mother Nature and human beings are also parts of the nature.

A café is located on the 1F of the accommodation, and non-accommodation guests also can stop by. Anybody can enjoy eating farmers’ special lunch during lunch time, so not only tourists but also local people come to this café all the time.

Northern Okinawa’s special red soil, diatomite, and straw were used to build the wall, and the whole staffs were gathered to build it. The sun, moon, earth, and Okinawa are drawn on it! Let’s find all of them when you visit here.

Shells and beach glasses which picked up at a beach nearby are decorated at tables.

This is the dinner menus (reservation required) for guests. Ingredients include vegetables that are harvested at the farm, vegetables cultivated by the staffs, and fresh ingredients grown by contract farmers nearby. Each dish is colorful, and effective for eyes also.

Seasoning including dressing, ketchup, and ponzu sauce are all handmade. Salt pineapple ice cream is a popular dish / dessert at the café.

Putting time, effort, and love. Not just serving ordinary menu, they use fresh ingredients for each dish. The staffs cook each dish with feeling to show appreciation to farm producers and also to serve delicacies of the season to guests.

The staffs are asking farmers to provide “irregular” ingredients.

Unique shapes or sizes of ingredients cannot be sold at markets. However, since the farmers grew them with love, they are tasty. The staffs get such vegetables and cook them.

The owner and her husband work hard to decrease the number of waste and treasure the gift from the land. It is obvious that they are appreciating to the blessing from the land and the connection with the community. 

There are 8 rooms with Japanese style rooms and western style rooms. Even though the accommodation is not a large scale, it is large enough to pay attention to every guests.

Red soil and diatomite are also used for the wall of each room. The blue beach is brighten up when you open the window. You can listen to the soft sound of surf when you strain your ears.

This is the space where it makes you want to lay down on a bed and relax while feeling a sea breeze to blow.

There is no convenience store and signal around this area, and also a refrigerator and a television are not in the rooms. However, when you have fun in the nature, it makes you to feel that something out of nothing is the most luxurious time. You can experience such time and space here. 

Farming experience tours take place here. The tours start from the farm, and each guest can learn how recycling-based agriculture connects to the café and the accommodation directly.

Not only you can join the tours, but you can also actually touch the land, pull grasses by hand, feed pigs, and harvest crops. You can experience the agricultural life here.

When a staff took me to a tour, I was surprised when chickens were walking freely!

Aguu pigs were also out at feed, so they can spend time here with no stress. 

Large pineapple farms spread on a hill with an ocean view.

Also, guests can also join another tours such as fishing tour, healing tour in the wood, and more.

The blessing of Yanbaru (Northern Okinawa) and the connection with people. Canaan Slow Farm is the place where is made up of layers of kindness on food, interior, casual conversation. We feel peace every time we find kindness here, so once you visit here, you might want to visit here again and again to feel the peaceful moment.

The owner and her husband who love nature and the accommodation and lots of staffs await each of you with their big smile.


Café & Eco-stay Canaan Slow Farm
Address: 863-2 Taira, Higashi Village
Tel: 0980-43-2468
Accommodation fee: varies depending on the on & off-season. Please contact them regarding the fee, plan, and farming experience tours.
Business hours of the café: 11:30 – 18:00 (closed on Thursday)
URL: (Japanese)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono