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Tonnaha Castle Ruins with a Refreshing View, Kume Island

post : 2015.12.30 19:00

Tonanaha Castle Ruins located to the north of Kumejima Town Office in the eastern part of the island is not shown much in a guidebook; however, I would really like you to visit this vantage point.

Entering the road from the guideboard along the circulating road and going up Mount Tonnaha by car, you can find this signboard and the gazebo.  After passing the gazebo and going further, there is a parking lot.  Just climbing the stairs a little from there brings you a panoramic view spreading before you. 

You can enjoy views of the sea, the town, the mountains, abundant sugarcane fields and as far as Hate no Hama.  The views are so comfortable that you might want to watch them for hours. 

A white thin line seen on the water surface is Hate no Hama.  The pure-white sand beach floating on the sea is about 3km long.  The shade of the islands which is dimly seen in the left back of Hate no Hama is Aguni Island and Tonaki Island. 

The island you can go by crossing the bridge is Ou Island.  The island has a bath and spa “Bade Haus Kumejima.”

Also it was exhilarating to drive down toward the sea on a winding bridge road “Tida Bashi”!

The people of the island sometimes enjoy yoga at the castle site in the morning, which seems very comfortable.   There are many vantage points in Kume Island, so please drive around the island!

Tonnaha Castle Ruins

About 40-minute car ride from Kumejima Airport 

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Okinawa CLIP Photowriter  Masumi Sasamoto