Okinawa Tourism Information:Gentle,“Homemade”TimeintheForest.CaféBean’sinTamagusuku,NanjoCity!

Gentle, “Homemade” Time in the Forest. Café Bean’s in Tamagusuku, Nanjo City!

post : 2016.01.01 19:00

Along the seashore of Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, popular cafes in great locations are lined up in the Hyakuna Area.  Going up a small hill a little from the beach, you will find a café in the back of the residential area, which makes you feel as if you were in the forest. 

“Café Bean’s,” which is owned by three close sisters, was opened 8 years ago.  Beyond the windows, which look like painting frames, a big gajumaru (banyan tree) comes into your sight.   Not only the interior of the café, they also started farming for procuring food as it is most important for them to open the café.

 When I looked outside of the window, there is a terrace seat in a comfortable atmosphere.   Some regular customers enjoy reading while savoring coffee here.

Vegetables and herbs used in the café are all grown by the three sisters lovingly on the field.  My first order was “Soup of the Day” (250 yen), which is made by using seasonal vegetables.  When I visited the café, they served “Minestrone of island pumpkin.”

The next dish was “Fuuchibaa Cream Pasta” (700 yen), which gives you unforgettable flavor experience.  The perfect marriage of fuuchibaa (Ryukyu mugwort) paste and fresh cream is a new idea 

A creamy texture and the savory flavor of fuuchibaa create an admirable balance.  It is not too much to say that if I call it an Okinawan version of Genovese.  Soft French bread which comes along the pasta is baked with “Shiragami Kodama Yeast” from the Shiragami mountain range. 

The three sisters of Uchinaa Bijin (Okinawan beauties), one of them was unfortunately not in the shop, always bring cheerful laughs from the kitchen. 

Just as cute as their smiles, these edible flowers are blossoming beautifully.  Of course, the three sisters grow the flowers in the field.  They are decorated with cookies and cake on the plates to add gorgeousness. 

For dessert cake set (650 yen), I chose “Brown Sugar-flavored Baked Cheesecake.”  They use brown sugar that they make by squeezing sugarcane grown by their parents with a cane press. 

Feeling very comfortable in the sunlight coming in from the big window, I asked them to move to the table by the window to enjoy a relaxing tea time.  Light, shadow and color.  A tiny art created on the table fascinated me for a while.  For drinks, I would recommend homemade herbal tea which is blended according to the availability of herbs in the season and on the day. 

One more thing that I had been looking forward to was pizza whose crust and sauce were also handmade.  However, I was already full (LOL), so I asked them for takeout.  “Seasonable Pizza of the day” was island shallots!  The pizza was baked with island shallots topped on the basil paste, whose savory smell was so irresistible!  

In the small café in the forest, the three sisters welcome you with warm smiles and comfortable time.   

Cafe Bean's

Address: 987 Hyakuna Tamagusuku Nanjo, Okinawa
TEL: 090-7585-8867
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 17:30
Closed on Sundays & Mondays (Sometimes temporarily closed)

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter Naoko Tsuruta

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