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Okinawa CLIP Movie CALiN

post : 2016.01.06 19:00

CALiN is a café and sundry shop which opened in Yakaji Island, which you can reach by crossing a bridge in Nago City.  It is a sister shop of a popular donut shop “Shima Donut.”   The shop was renovated from an old traditional house that combined a ruined tile-roofed house with a slab house.  The cobalt blue wall creates an impressive, sober atmosphere.

The shop stocks crafts and sundries mainly selected from works of Okinawan artists.  Original menu items including “sandwich plate with a plenty of island vegetables,”  “taco rice casserole,” etc. can be found only in Okinawa, which makes tourists happy.  For your information, a donut parfait shown in the top of the video is a must-eat, delicious item! 


MUSIC: hacomac

Movie Writer Ouji Ogawa