Okinawa Tourism Information:AGourmet&FancySmallFoodCourt“CCSS”HasOpenedinChatan!

A Gourmet & Fancy Small Food Court “CCSS” Has Opened in Chatan!

post : 2016.01.09 19:00

*Please note that “the Scarpetters” is no longer located at CCSS. 

A new spot “CCSS” in Chatan Town, where is famous for surfing and scuba diving spots. CCSS is a small food court where 4 restaurants are located. The restaurants are:

“Chicken House” sells Okinawan-produced herb roasted chicken,
“Cactus Eatrip” is famous for sourdough bagel,
“the Scarpetters” serves New York style meat ball and slush,
and “Seaglass” is a café where anybody can enjoy beverages and dessert.

This is a rare super small food court in Japan, and Okinawa’s 4 popular restaurants are gathered here.

Chicken House, where we introduced on this website before, is an Okinawan-produced herb roasted chicken restaurant. Each roasted chicken was marinated with tasty seasoning for a day, and many different sizes of chickens are available. Sizes are whole size, half-size, and 1/4 size. You can also order a lunch box for lunch, and it comes with turmeric rice.

These bagels are available at “Cactus Eatrip,” another popular restaurant in Ginowan City that we introduced before. They do not have their unique sourness of sourdough, so even children are able to eat them. Various types of bagels for meals and snacks are served and each flavor is enjoyable depending on the combination of toppings.

“the Scarpetters” offers the Okinawa’s first slush and a large meatball plate. The flavor of slush is based on lemonade and black tea, and toppings include pureed fruits and alcohol can be added to it. It has a little bit of sourness, so it is the best drink after having fun at the beach. Meat balls are made of selected ingredients, and meats can be chosen from beef, pork, and chicken. Various types of sauces are available as well. Falafel is also served, so this is a perfect dish for vegetarians. Customers can choose 2 side dishes including pasta, mash potato, and dish of the day.

*Please note that “the Scarpetters” is no longer located at CCSS.

Everybody can enjoy various flavors by adding toppings and sauce to slush and meatballs.

Plenty of beverages are on the menu at “Seaglass,” and coffee, juice, beer, and wine are available here, so this is a good place for taking a short break. They serve dessert menu after 15:00, and the menu including a combination of French toast with whip cream and a drink of your choice.

Cashier and seats for each restaurant are all in one place, so customers from each restaurant gather here. Its interior is wooden structure, and the graphic of each restaurant features exotic and fancy atmosphere. 

Also, customers can enjoy free music live performance at the deck outdoors every Sunday afternoon.

Customers can order food and take them out. It might be the special moment to watch the beautiful sunset and have a delicious food and drink while feeling a breeze along beach walk.

Enjoy each taste of food depending on mood of the day.

Address: 2-46 Miyagi, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-936-2123

Business hours:
Food Court: 8:00-19:00
Chicken House: 11:00-19:00
Cactus Eatrip: 8:00-15:00
Seaglass: 8:00-19:00
(Business hours differ depending on each restaurant)

Closed: Wednesday

*Please note that “the Scarpetters” is no longer located at CCSS, and they cater their dishes for events and others. Please check the Scarpetters’ facebook page and find out updated information.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sandy