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You Will Never Forget These Cute Souvenirs
Once You See Them

post : 2016.01.11 22:00

This cute retailer named “feliz” is located along Kitanaha Tax Office Street (Kitanaha Zeimusho Dori) in Miyagi, Urasoe City.

Feliz means “fun, joyful, happy” in Portuguese. Cute or pink colored items that most girls like are available here, and these are creating a happy atmosphere.

According to maro, the owner, the concept of this shop is “the shop where girls can purchase small celebration gifts to each other. A cute shop where girls purchase any items within 3,000 yen limit.”

Many cute items are available here, and the most recommended items are the sets of Okinawa Matryoshka dolls.

Since maro loves Matryoshka dolls, she decided to make her original ones. 

However, it was not easy for her to look for plain woods in Russia. Also, the process to import woods was very difficult. Now there are more than 10 variations of Matryoshka dolls, and they became popular items at the shop.

Every Hanagasa Matryoshka dolls in this photo wear different bingata kimonos. Usually the dolls in Russia wear scarfs on their heads, but these dolls wear Hanagasa.

Each doll uniquely adds Ryukyuan style.

These are Ryukyuan dance version of Matryoshka dolls called “Okinawa Odoryoshka.” Their make-up and dresses look beautiful.

All of the Matryoshka dolls were drawn by an illustrator named Pricky Yamada. She has an imaginary shop called “Kariyushi Store” and draws unique characters.

She focuses on hand drawing and handmade, and she paints her work carefully.

There are rare seasonal versions of Okinawa Matryoshka dolls such as Christmas version (a reindeer wears bingata) and Girls’ Day (Hinamatsuri) version, and both versions are also popular. 

Okinawa Matryoshka dolls are the perfect souvenir for yourself, and cell-phone straps and stickers are for others. Since both of these items are reasonable prices, they are very popular.

Tote bags were designed by MIMURI, a textile designer. Each bag features Okinawa’s vivid colors which make everybody cheerful.

Each bag is in the motif of vegetables, flowers, tropical fruits, ocean, and fishes of Okinawa. And, each of them look pretty.

Shisa by an artist named k. Usually shisa looks scary and its size is very big, but these shisas look interesting. 

These shisas perfectly match to the concept of this shop, and they make everybody fun and happy. The colors are in pink and yellow, and these colors of shisas cannot be seen anywhere but here.

Actually, feliz is originally an atelier to make sanshin which is made by a master (shihan) of Nomura-Ryu Koten Ongaku Kenkyusho. Each sanshin can be customized depending on the playing skills of customers. 

Matryoshka dolls are lifelong dolls, according to maro. Some customers keep umbilical cord tucked inside the dolls, and some keep important things.

Please note that the staff accept the order of Okinawa Matryoshka dolls only at the shop.

“Bird Matryoshka dolls” and “Eisa Matryoshka dolls,” drawn by artisans in Matryoshka Village, Russia, are available at the online store. 

Everybody has been talking about Okinawa Matryoshka dolls as the unique souvenir of Okinawa.

You need to check them this year!


Address: 4-20-11 Miyagi, Urasoe City
Business hours: 13:00-20:00
Tel: 098-879-5221
Closed: Sunday 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Osamu Miyajima