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CAFÉ UNIZON, the Okinawan Cultural Diner

post : 2016.02.22 18:00

This is a café in Ginowan City where everybody can have views of Chatan Town and the beach. The café is filled with a sense of release. The ceiling is high, have lots of space between each seat, good choice of tables and sofas. Customers can enjoy plenty of time here. 

First, let’s enjoy the meal♪ Dishes and sweets with Okinawan ingredients are served at this café. 

This is “Okinawa Miso Soup Soba.” This is the combination of miso soup with lots of ingredients and Okinawa soba, the 2 most eatable dishes at Okinawan restaurants, and this original dish cannot be eat anywhere but here! Soup which made of handmade additive-free miso has savory and mild taste, spicy ground minced pork, and flat Okinawa soba noodle go very well. This could be the new-type of addictive Okinawan dish.

The café seems like a fancy café, but the owner is aiming for Okinawan restaurant. It sounds a bit strange feeling to me since I am from Okinawa, but I am very excited about it!! 

After the meal, it is dessert time of course♪ I had the Japanese sweets named “Minazuki” which represents the summer of Kyoto. Shell ginger and Okinawan black beans are used to make Minazuki, and it transformed into Okinawan style. Other sweets are also available on the menu, and it is recommended to enjoy the sweets with teas such as shell ginger tea, gotu kola tea, daylily tea, or Okinawa cinnamomum tree tee. And these teas are good for health and beauty.

“Gugelhupf” is a popular sweets for order and takeout. Unique types of Gugelhupf are available such as brown sugar gugelhupf and Okinawan orange & chocolate gugelhupf. Brown sugar gugelhupf is made with sugarcanes on Miyako Island, and peels of sweet-smelling Okinawan citreae are used for Okinawan orange & chocolate gugelhupf. The unique container reminds of Okinawa, so how about buying one as a souvenir of your trip to Okinawa?

Also, potteries to serve meals are created by potters in Okinawa. The good thing is that most of these potteries are available at a shop “MIX life-style” on 1F, and “D&DEPARTMENT” on 2F. Pottery exhibitions take place constantly at the café, so you can buy potteries after enjoying meals.

Potteries of an atelier “Iguchi Koubou.” These are served with meals.

Although it is creative and calm space, it also provides Okinawan atmosphere.

Usually the photos of past and modern times of Okinawa are displayed on the wall, and customers can take a look at the view of Okinawa in successive periods.

A branch of a used bookstore “Urara” near Makishi Public Market in Naha City is located within the café. Rare used books, newly issued magazines, and other books can be purchased here. It is a good place to enjoy reading books and relax.

The café provides simple and open space, but the staffs will keep seeking to provide more Okinawan atmosphere.

Enjoy the valuable and relaxing time as long as you want at “CAFÉ UNIZON.”


Address: 2-39-8 MIX life-style 2F Aragusuku, Ginowan City
Tel: 098-896-1060
Business Hours: 11:30-25:00
Closed: the 1st Tuesday of every month
Parking: available 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer 0173 (Reina Chinen) 



沖縄県宜野湾市新城2-39-8 MIX life-style 2F