Okinawa Tourism Information:“Ajazz”whereEverybodycanEnjoySoba&theSoundofJazz

“Ajazz” where Everybody can Enjoy
Soba & the Sound of Jazz

post : 2016.03.01 20:00

“Ajazz” in Naha City is the restaurant where you can have delicious Okinawa soba. Its name (Ajazz) is a combination of its place-name (Aja) and jazz.

The music by Miles Davis and Bill Evans coming from a speaker make the space fancy.

Greeneries are here and there in the restaurant, and they show cleanliness. Counter tables, and tatami room in the back are available. Customers can have relaxing time here.

This is a popular dish “Sanmainiku (pork belly) Soba.” The texture of thin-sliced sanmainiku is soft, and cannot be tasted anywhere but here. 

“The taste is close to Chinese-style BBQ pork, but it is actually not BBQ pork.” Shigetaka Uehara, the 2nd owner of the restaurant, told me so. 

Sanmainiku is soft enough for children to eat, and it melts in their mouths.

The characteristic of soba is its soup. It is the mix of 2 different kinds of soups; the soup which is boiled with the ratio of 9:1 (pork : chicken) & bonito broth.

The original chewy thin noodle is used for soba, and it goes well with the light flavored soup. Speaking of noodle, thin noodle was chosen not to be tired of eating.

“Niku Yasai Soba” is a very popular dish for men. Pork loin and champroo (stir-fried vegetables) are on top of soba, so it is good that customers are able to eat lots of vegetables. 

“Inarizushi” is a good topping for soba. Sliced burdocks are added to the vinegared rice. 

And, flavorful “Fuchiba (mugwort) Soba” and “Yushi Dofu (fluffy tofu) Soba” are also on the menu. Note that “Yushi Dofu Soba” will not be available as soon as it runs out.

As for simple “Cold Zenzai (red bean soup),” beans are soft enough, and it is big enough to eat after having soba.

According to Uehara, customers are “50% of them are locals, and the rests are tourists.” He is also happy that his restaurant is loved by many people.

“Ajazz” shows up after passing Naha Umisora Tunnel from Naha Airport.

How about checking out this restaurant if you were looking for a delicious soba restaurant in Naha City?


Address: 2-9-18 Akebono, Naha City
Business Hours: 10:30-17:00
Tel: 098-868-7488
Closed: open 7 days a week (Japanese)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Osamu Miyajima