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Beautiful Dishware of Japanner Maker,
Mokushikko Tokeshi

post : 2016.02.27 20:00

The first time I saw dishware of Mokushikko Tokeshi, it was at a shop.

The black beautiful plate caught my eye and I walked to it to pick up. It is so stunning that it made me feel like cooking. From stirred fried Goya to Shima-carrots salad, anything will look delicious on this plate. I remember myself looking at the plate for a while, thinking how beautiful it is.

Mokushikko Tokeshi is owned by Mr.Hiroyuki Tokeshi who processes woods and his wife, Ai , who paints lacquer on the woods. They both grew up and learned basics in Okinawa. They lived in Wajima, Ishikawa prefecture, the home of lacquerware.

Ai went to Wajima to learn about lacquerware, and Mr.Tokeshi also headed there too. They had a dream to make lacquerware together and the dream came true in Okinawa where they grew up.

Lacquerware seems expensive and you may even think that it is too delicate to use, but it is heat-resistant, thermos, and doesn't easily break if you drop it. 

From cold desert to hot dinner, it is big enough for any meals and it makes everything look delicious. Used long, it changes its surface and more lusters come out.

Mokushikko Tokeshi makes lacquerware that people can use daily so that many people become familiar with lacquerware.

The characteristics of their lacquerware are that all of them are made of woods grown in Okinawa and they are light. To make it more useful and hide small scratches caused by daily use, the lacquerware is matte furnished. They make lacquerware with less luster so It goes well with other dishware at home.

Each side of these plates may look straight, but actually it is gradual straight. Its surface may look flat but the center is slightly hollow to keep dressings for salad or sauce for meat and fish on the plate to enjoy the dishes.

What Hiroyuki-san working hard on is bowls. Their size and hight are slightly different. Making the exactly same sized bowls would waste woods because they come in different sizes and shapes. They make every bowls in different size to make full use of the materials.

Depending on the color and surface of materials, Ai-san tries not to paint too much to keep woods original colors as much as possible.

Their lacquerware is modern design but till gives warms. The reason why many people love their products is because they see the manufacturer's heart in them.

This summer, the Tokeshi welcomed second baby and they would like to start making lacquerware for children. They also would like to make lacquer boxes which have high demands Okinawa since we have many family events.

Their final goal is to make a lacquerware shop that has a variety of products and many products in stock. The number of products made by just two of them is limited so they hired new people to increase production lines.

Step by step. Their bright future is expanding.

Mokushikko Tokeshi:
Phone: 0980-43-0319

Their products are sold at......


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