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Disconnected from Everything,
Fantastic Stay in Nagannu Island

post : 2016.02.28 19:00

"A night on an uninhabited island" must sound exciting, even you are not a great fan of Okinawa.

Nagannu Island is 15km west of Naha City and one of the Chibishi Atoll. There is no tap water or electricity, so no one lives on the island. BUT, it doesn't mean that people couldn't construct infrastructure there. This is a well-managed island.

Tokashiki co Ltd. who has been providing marine activities on Nagannu Island since 2001 constructed infrastructure at a certain area at minimum necessity. In 2012, a tour, friendly to the nature, animals, and humans, called "Nagannu Stay" has started. 

At 8:30 in the morning. 20 minutes by high speed ferry from Naha Port, Nagannu Island appeared over the clear beautiful ocean.

Pier with dynamic coral reefs welcome people. If you go to the north side of the island, whose width is only 200m, beach with coral reef's particle spreads 1.7km from east to west.

The important thing about the island is that migrant birds, Sterna Hirundo, come to the island for breeding during early summer to October. So the island is classified as Wildlife Protection Area by the prefectural ordinance and tourists can only visit a certain places of the island. East and west side , which accounts for the major part of the island, is prohibited to enter. High tide nigh in summer, you may be able to meet the impressive moment of sea turtles giving birth. Precious nature is still there on the island. One another thing, there are surprising number of Coenobita all over the island, so it's only a matter of time when you'll step on them. Please walk slowly and pay attention to the road. Don't forget that people are just visitors, and the nature and animals on the island have been there before people.

So let me show you around. There is a small information counter, dining terrace, shower rooms, and a shop. Marine House runs rental business. Near the beach, there are 20 rest cottage and 16 rest houses for staying.

By the way, as you know, Kerama Archipelago was designated as national park on March 5th, 2014. Chibishi Atoll, consisting of Nagannu, Kamiyama, and Kuefu, also belongs to the Kerama Archipelago and it welcomes everyone fast.

The beauty of the island is recognized internationally. Just being there, everything is so perfect. To enjoy the island and the beauty of the ocean, there are many marine activities such as ocean walk and snorkelling. Even a day trip, you can enjoy whole Kerama beauty, so there are many tourists during the high season.

So how about meals? Hotel stay comes with breakfast and dinner. People who came for a day trip can enjoy light meals such as Panini or BBQ.

At 16:00, when the last ferry leaves for Naha, suddenly there's silence on the island. The sun will set and it looks so close. The darkness sits in; still, you can see the city lights of Naha. A dinner at a terrace outside with small light provides a special moment. Late at night, maybe around the time you get tipsy, look at the sky. There will be innumerable stars of the Milky Way over your head.

A day trip and a night stay is totally different. Definite silence covers the island until the sun rise. It felt like it was important to reflect on myself in an environment of being away from the world.

7 in the morning. Taking a walk on the island is refreshing. After breakfast, I am going back to Naha by ferry at 9 o'clock. Everything went so fast. It was fantastic 24 hours.

Nagannu Island:
(Ferry timetable changes depending on the season. Please check the website for more details)

Tokashiki co Ltd.
Address: 3-14-2 Tomari, Naha City / 156 Aharen, Tokashiki Village, Okinawa
Phone: 098-860-5860

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter : Kiwamu Ogawa