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Okinawa Tourist Spot in winter season
It's in full bloom, sunflower field on Ogidou, Kitanakagusugu

post : 2016.03.03 15:00

When it comes to sunflower field in winter in Okinawa, Kitanakagusuku is famous for. An event called "Himawari no sato" has been held by Ogidou resident community. Sunflower is now full bloom.

Another event called "Kitanakagusuku IN HIMAWARI" was going to be held by Kitanakagusuku village this year, but it was canceled due to a mild winter. They bloomed end of the last year. However, sunflowers on Ogidou area are all blooming now. Address is 153 Aza Iribaru, Ogidou, and a parking lot is provided up to 100 vehicles.

There are hundred thousand sunflowers blooming in the area of 33000 square meters. The land owners support this even by planting sunflowers in unused land for regional vitalization. When we went there, a lot of tourists are there to see the them.

"We adjusted planting period to prevent early bloom after having heard of a mild winter, but it bloomed 20 days earlier than usual", vice president of Ogidou resident community said. Currently full bloom but, they are planning some local event in Ogidou community center on 30th(Sat) and 31st(Sun) of Jan.

That is 29th Ogidou community Total Exhibition and Sale of Sunflower and Butterfly Festival. Exhibition of flowers, artistic paintings, ceramics, calligraphy, and crops. There will be a lesson by ceramic artist lives in Ogidou and some more. ( 500 yen for pottery, 1000 yen for firing)

Releasing butterfly on 30th(Sat), and Sanshin live show on 31st(Sun) are planned. It probably be ending up blooming, but the farm area of "Festival of Himawari no sato" will be double in the next year.

Earliest sunflower farm in Japan now full bloom!

Ogidou sunflower farm address:
153 Aza Iribaru, Ogidou, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa (a parking lot is provided up to 100 vehicles)

Ogidou community center address:
78 Ogizou, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa (parking space is limited)

Okinawa Photo/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (Kuwa)


153 Aza Iribaru, Ogidou, Kitanakagusuku, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa