Okinawa Tourism Information:Kumejima,Tatamirockformationandoceanofemeraldgreen

Kumejima, Tatami rock formation and ocean of emerald green

post : 2016.03.04 15:00

It's a small island "Oujima", accessible by crossing a bridge from Kumejima.There is a stone cluster, called "Tatamiishi" that looks like artificial and mysterious shape by the seashore.

Oujima at left back

Just after crossing a bridge from Kumejima, there is a beautiful emerald green ocean view in front of Bade House Kumejima.

Keep walking to the ocean, you'll see a cluster of geometrical-shaped stone behind the bank.

When lava from a volcano eruption hardened, it is thought that systematic shapes are made.

Tatamiishi was designated as a national natural treasure in 2014.

This is definitely a place to see the beautiful ocean and feel mystical energy,  especially when at low tide

40 minutes drive from Kumejima Air Port

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Okinawa Clip Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto