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Cosmos is in Full Bloom in Okinawa!

post : 2016.03.07 08:00

Cosmos is in full bloom in Okinawa!! Another way to call cosmos is "Akizakura" which means cherry in autumn in Japanese. It is available to enjoy cosmos blooming here in Okinawa even in winter season.

There are several spots of cosmos in Kin town, and the biggest one is in Igei, Kin town.

Cosmos festival is held every year in Igei area. Total 25 thousand square meters of the field is filled up with cosmos because….

This biggest field is actually a rice paddy. Igei is known as a rice production area. After harvesting rice, planting cosmos for green manure end of the year. Cosmos flowers start blooming with a variety of colors such as purple, pink, and white at the beginning of the year.

This year's Cosmos Festival was held 14th of Feb and it's bustling. New rice for 1500 yen (5kg) and  many kinds of farm products are on the market with soft drinks both.

There is a present of cosmos flowers to anyone up to 20 flowers each person just 1 day during the festival. Pay 100 yen for renting scissors and cut off unnecessary leaves but root. Smiles on their faces and cosmos flowers on their hands.

Festival is over, but flowers are still available.
You can reach there by turning Igei intersection from route 329 to community center. There will be on right side, you'll find the cosmos field. The best time to see is until 21st of Feb.

Okinawa Clip Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)