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Check Out the Smashing REP098 OKINAWA Caps!

post : 2016.03.05 00:00

Going northbound on Route 58 from Naha City, a shop named “LIFE dailywear” in Oyama, Ginowan City shows up. 

Turner, the MC & selector of KING RYUKYU SOUND, is the owner of the shop. KING RYUKYU SOUND is a reggae group which represents Okinawa.

Turner is currently launching his original brands called “LIFE DSGN” and “BACKYARD.” T-shirts, shorts, and caps that were designed by him are popular, and he is leading the apparel business of Okinawa constantly.

Reggae and soul music selected by him are lined up in the shop. He also holds music events for “Reggae Summer Jam,” “Mighty Crown,” “Fire Ball,” and “Buju Banton.” The characteristic of “LIFE dailywear” is that it connects fashion and music very well.

Mix-tapes were available at the time of founding this shop, and these selected CDs are continuous from the tapes. Also, the CDs attract repeat customers.

Turner flies to New York or Hawaii for purchasing, and he also joins reggae events in overseas as a DJ. As more he went to foreign countries, his love for his home country got deeper and deeper.

When he felt the power of brand in Brooklyn, Jamaica, and other cities, he started to think of launching a brand to represent the power of Okinawa. “REP098” cap is the first item that he worked on for his brand.

“Okinawan brand has high potential. I got the idea of ‘REP098’ from the area code of Okinawa. I worked on variety of designs, and I feel like reaching to the starting point,” Turner said.

Caps got popular immediately after Kiyosaku (Vocal of a popular band named MONGOL 800) and a painter Eiten Oshiro wore them. Caps run out as soon as they arrive at the shop.

Bodies of caps are ordered to the United States and embroider logos in Okinawa. There are 3 kinds of fonts for the logos; cursive, arch logo, and ISLANDERS.

Embroidery work will take about 2 weeks since it has to be done it carefully.

T-shirts are sold throughout the year in Okinawa because of its unique tropical climate. T-shirts are basic materials of clothing that people wear, so design of T-shirts are very important. 

“LIFE CANDY LOGO Tee TYPE-1” is the standard item, and its simple logo has been loved for more than 10 years.

Turner the owner & Tasuku, the staff of the shop.

According to Turner, “I think communication with customers is very important, so I post snapshots of customers of the day on our Facebook page.”

Some customers who were high school student stop by at the shop with their children 10 years later. It is not uncommon for parents and children to wear “LIFE CANDY LOGO Tee TYPE-1.” 

“LIFE dailywear,” that is the brand with front-line design and the power of brand. Recently, the number of tourists who purchase REP098 caps is increasing.

People can feel the love of Okinawa through REP098 cap, so it is recommended item for Okinawa lovers all over Japan. 


LIFE dailywear
Address: 2-1-9 Oyama, Ginowan City
Business Hours: 13:00-20:30
Tel: 098-898-5670
Closed: open throughout the year (Japanese)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Osamu Miyajima