Okinawa Tourism Information:One-DayTRIPPLANStoIsolatedIslandsAroundOkinawaMainIsland!

One-Day TRIP PLANS to Isolated Islands Around Okinawa Main Island!

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Okinawa consists of about 160 islands in wide area of sea, 39 of which are inhabited. This time, in this article, giving you the exciting trip plans to the islands of which easy to return in a day by the ferries or the ships. It is promising that you will be able to experience more amazing islands cultures and amusement by stepping into the islands than watching T.V. and magazines.

Do not miss an only-this-time-of-the-year dynamic experience of “Whale Watching!”

It is a must to go to Whale Watching Tour during winter season in Okinawa. You can hop on a boat to watch the whales closely that are visiting the sea around Kerama Islands and Yomitan village for delivery and raising. It is mystery of the life watching the whale swimming with its giant body. Their well-known dynamic movement of head slapping and breaching will give you unforgettable memories of Okinawa.

It is recommended to pre-study of the whale behavior before going to the whale watching trip. “Zamami Village Whale Watching Association” will teach you meaning and characteristic of the whale’s behavior before hopping on the boat. It is expected more wonderful experiences by learning the whale’s behavior before the trip.

Detailed Information of Whale Watching
Humpback Whale Encounter Rate is 100% Now! Zamami Island is Recommended for Watching Dynamic Behavier of the Whales! Why?

360° panoramic landscape, On the top of Ie island symbol “Iejima Tacchuu”

Ie island is known for popular school excursion. Ie island is located approx. 1hour ferry ride from Motobu port of northern Okinawa main island.

As Ie island is easy to visit from Okinawa, many tourists from outside of Okinawa or the locals are visiting to enjoy some fun events such as bloom times for lilies.

“Iejima Tacchuu” is the symbol of Ie island. The mountain road have been well maintenanced so that you can enjoy hiking easily and safely. Enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. All you will see is breath taking view; 360° panoramic landscape.

Detailed Information of Iejima
Whimsy Series, 2nd "Remote Islands" MY BEFORE OKINAWA in Iejima

Carrot Island! Tsuken Island

Tsuken Island is only 30 mins away from Heshikiya port in Uruma city by a high speed boat, and popular island for the weekend getaway. Tsuken Island as known as Carrots Island. There is an orange carrot shaped observatory in the island, idea came from the local specialty Tsuken carrots.

Tsuken island gives you experience of carrots harvest and a full-course lunch with carrots at the local festival. You can enjoy everything Tsuken Island offers; “Whole Tsuken Island Festival” will be held on March 13th, Sunday, 2016. This red-letter festival for Tsuken Island take place for the first time. If you are planning the trip to Tsuken Island, it is a must to visit for the festival!

Detail of Tsuken Island
Let’s walk around Tsuken Island, an idyllic remote island floating along the eastern coast in the central part of mainland Okinawa.

Introduced three isolated islands trip plans that will be able to visit in a single day by ferries or ships. There are so many more alluring isolated islands in Okinawa other than above three. You will be able to enjoy as many isolated islands as fantastic experiences. Explore the isolated islands to find the one that fits perfectly to your character by setting foot in its local life styles.

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