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Folk Performing Arts[PR]

post : 2016.03.18 18:00

Okinawa has been called a “treasure trove of traditional performing arts.” Throughout the year, there are various events and festivals held annually. Many folk performing arts, which have been handed down unbroken since ancient times, are on display.

Some of the more recognized of these are the Lion Dance which is performed to exorcise evil and bring good luck, Eisa which is a type of a Nenbutsu dance that is performed on the night of lunar calendar July 15 when we send off our ancestors on the last night of the Bon festival, and Kumiodori which is a song and dance play that spread out from the Shuri Royal Government to the villages.

In addition, there is a wealth of variety from community to community in the stick dances, theatrical performances, comedies, dances and various other performing arts. Tahfahku was introduced from China and Chondara was influenced by manzai musical performances from mainland Japan. These arts offer a glimpse of vestiges passed down from the age of the Ryukyu Kingdom when trade promoted a flourishing exchange with Asian countries.

At National Theatre Okinawa, many of these precious folk performing arts are performed, which even first-time viewers can easily appreciate, despite an initial hesitation. Be sure to delight in the magnificence and diversity of Okinawan folk performing arts.

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