Okinawa Tourism Information:Kumiodori[PR]


post : 2016.03.16 18:00

Kumiodori, one of Okinawa’s traditional performing arts, is a unique Okinawan song and dance play that was performed during the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom at formal ceremonies to welcome envoys from China.

Although Kumiodori conjures images of Kabuki or Noh at first glance, the performances generously incorporate colorful bingata costumes, unique lyrical delivery in archaic Okinawan language, Ryukyuan dance and music in a prominent depiction of Ryukyuan culture.

Kumiodori was also performed at banquets. Many of the dramas involve revenge or other straightforward stories. Particularly, in this production “Young Lord of Kushi,” the suspense heightens as foe and friend deceive each other and is interjected with flamboyant fight scenes, such as those popular in period dramas, at every turn to enthrall even first-time viewers.

In 2010, Kumiodori, coalescing traditional Okinawan performing arts, was inscribed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, further raising its recognition worldwide. Be sure to see Kumiodori up close at the National Theatre Okinawa during your visit to Okinawa!

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