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Souvenirs that Everybody Can Use in Daily Lives

post : 2016.03.17 19:00

“GARB DOMINGO” is a souvenir shop which promotes the new type of Okinawan souvenirs while inheriting the traditional craft of Okinawa. 

Various types of souvenirs are lined up here including ceramics, lacquerware, bingata, weaving, glass-made simple modern tableware, tea, jam, and organic food.

Name of the shop is the mixture of Garb River which runs near the shop and “Domingo” which means “Sunday” in Spanish. The owner put these words together to make the sound like a name of somebody. 

“Items that Uncle Garb Domingo collected when he traveled all over the world are lined up here,” said Shunji Fujita, the owner.

Artworks by various artists are gathered at this shop. Standard to select each artwork is “character.”

Fujita believes the importance is that the artists’ characters turn into their energy and reflect them to their works, not to create works that are in fashion.

These beautiful and colorful are artworks by Yumiko Kinjo.
“The artists’ characters and personalities reflect their artworks into ceramics. Ms. Kinjo is a cheerful and positive type of person, just like her pop and colorful artworks.” Fujita chuckled. 

Naomichi Sato is originally a sculptor and currently working on sculpture and ceramic fields.

He used to work actively in overseas, so he is filled with possibilities.

His artworks feature colorful design, and they are fun to look at as objects. 

These are made by Miyo Oyabu, the glass artist. The expression of glass seems stateless.

Shapes of each artwork are different, so the texture of glass can be felt when people touch them.

Just like people can figure out the cups that are perfect for them, some customers stop by this shop, say “this is my glass!” and purchase them.

Lacquer small cup for sake by Moriki Iju. A black plate by “Mokushikkou Tokeshi,” wooden chopsticks by Ken Fujimoto, and glass chopstick rest by Miyo Oyabu are also in the photo above.

This could be the stylish way to drink sake. 

GOA and DUNA series from “Cutipol,” the Portuguese cutlery brand.

Not only Okinawa, but artworks from Europe, Nambu cast iron in Iwate Prefecture, and other good artworks that make your daily lives happy are available at the shop.

There is a gallery space on the 2F of the shop. It is an open space, and exhibitions by artists take place here regularly.

“I want to be the midpoint to connect destination and daily life through souvenir. I hope this shop to be the place for artists and customers to communicate.” Fujita said.

Souvenirs that you can find while traveling, and they can be used in daily life. It would be nice if you could find something just for you. This is the shop where you can find your perfect souvenir.

Address: 1-6-3 Tsuboya, Naha City
Business Hours: 9:30-13:00 / 15:00-19:00
Tel: 098-988-0244
Closed: Wed & Thu

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Osamu Miyajima