Okinawa Tourism Information:OnceYouMeet,YouWillFallinLoveWithit.

Once You Meet, You Will
Fall in Love With it.

post : 2016.03.21 18:00

*Please note that “Gallery shop kufuu” has closed. 

Gallery shop "kufuu" located in Ooyama, Ginowan City gathers craftwork of Okinawa.

The concept of the shop is to provide creativity ("kufuu" in Japanese) in the life. The shop is hoping to spread great craftwork and make people's daily lives entertaining.

With the daylight, there are potteries, Ryukyu glass, textile, lacquerware, sculptures, woodwork, and Shisa.

The shop manager, Ms.Makiko Taminato, says "The gallery is built with a designing company for graphic design and architectural design. When building, the owner wanted to design not only the exterior of the house but also the inside of the house. With a little creativity, lives will become more affluent."

These are the craft of experienced glass craft maker, Glass studio Jin (by Mr.Heijin Yaga). It reflects the color of Okinawan nature, sea, the sky, and flowers. Mr.Yaga was originally a stained glass artist. He wanted to express the vivid color and lights so he mixes original color. The vivid color is characteristics of his work.

This is a bingata(Okinawan textile) bag by Mr.Hiroji Kinjo. His work has various designs from beverage to hibiscus to plum.

These are cups and saucers made by Ms.Mayumi Kuniyoshi. Behind cusp, there is an egg stand.

The pattern on them is made by pressing coral reefs. Ms.Mayumi carries the spirit of making craft by her late father, Seisho Kuniyoshi, who was a pottery artist. 

There are many potteries using the brown soft color, and regardless of the gender, people fall in love with it and buy it at first sight. 

This is a candle holder by Ms.Mayumi Kuniyoshi. It has a unique atmosphere like a fantasy that may appear in picture books.

Woodwork and lacquer art make use of its uniqueness. Colorful plates by Ms.Makiko Jashiki are beautiful. They use Ryukyu Pine.

This is an Okinawan textile clutch bag made by Katachiki using pretty acerola pattern. It uses Okinawan textile pattern but it is not too traditional and it is something that you can easily add to your daily life.

The scarf by Katachiki is a popular one among female customers. 

"All of the craft work is one and only. Please take your time to look around." says Ms.Taminato.

In the gallery, there are also vase, tapestry, and framed art, so she wants people to enjoy interiors that will color people's lives.

Gallery shop kufuu
Address: 2-22-18 Ooyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Open: 10:00-18:00
Phone: 098-890-4095
Closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter : Osamu Miyajima