Okinawa Tourism Information:SimpleStayat"MinamionnaTropical"withWildYeastBread

Simple Stay at "Minamionna Tropical"
with Wild Yeast Bread

post : 2016.03.21 21:00

Minamionna is very close to popular tourist destinations such as Moon Beach and Cape Manza. Coming from rout 58, if you go in to the road in mountain, you will see a 2-story house in blue. Family-run guest house "Minamionna Tropical" provides you idyllic stay.

The building used to be a hostel and it is located on top of the small hill about 20m. 1st floor is shared space with owner's family, the Onos, and there are a restaurant, a terrace, a bathroom, and a shower room. Sometimes children are doing their Literally, they have a nice "at-home" atmosphere which makes you smile. Mr.Ono says "This is a stay just like you are in your own house. "

In the area, there is a house for chickens and rabbits, so you will feel relaxed with the scenery.

As you can see, it is located in the deep nature of Okinawa and lizards and other insects come to visit. Its characteristics are this rural scenery of Okinawa.

The 2nd floor is for guests. There are two shared rooms and private room. I would recommend the private room facing towards the west. From the window, you will see the Yakatakatabaru. ( tidal flat designated as one of the important wetlands by Ministry of the Environment.) In high tide, it becomes beautiful blue ocean and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

The best part of the stay is breakfast! Daily Menu using organic vegetables harvested from the field adjacent to the house is created by the owner who has also worked at a restaurant. On the day I visited, the breakfast was past with local vegetables and 3 kinds of wild yeast bread. How delicious they were.

When you hear "Wild yeast bread in Onna Village", it might ring a bell. Yes, this Minamionna Tropical also runs "Mugiyakiya" which is famous for natural yeast bread.

Mugiyakiya is a small bread shop that bakes dough using Japanese wheat in handmade kiln, and it is located in the entrance of Minamionna Tropical. It uses Okinawan brown sugar, salts, and wheat made in Iejima. The bread is crispy outside and fluffy inside. Original menu about 30-40 kinds of bread including the most popular Iejima Campagne get sold out by the evening.

Just having meals at the terrace outside is refreshing too! During the day, you can enjoy the breathtaking Onna blue ocean and in the evening, you can enjoy the sunset with delicious bread.

This place is worth visiting during the trip just to buy bread or stay one night looking forward to the breakfast. 

Minamionna Tropical
Address: 6486-3 Onna, Onna Village, Okinawa
Phone: 098-966-8091
Check-in: 16:00
Check-out: 10:00
One night stay with breakfast for
adult 3,600yen (Nov-Apr) or 3,750yen (May-Oct) 
Elementary school student 2,500yen
3-5 years old 800yen
(Including tax / additional charges for private room)
Parking lot available

Open 12:00-18:00
Closed on Sundays & Mondays

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