Okinawa Tourism Information:Bungalows!Golf!andRentaCampingTent!atTsutsujiEcoPark.

Bungalows! Golf! and Rent a Camping Tent! at Tsutsuji Eco Park.

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I had rarely done camping before came to Okinawa, but I'm enjoying camping with my family and friends.

One spot that I can recommend for camping is "Tsutsuji Eco Park" on Higashi village on north Okinawa.

Open space for camping tent, 14 bungalows, golf, and playground. Ocean view from the hill.

Camping area is divided by 60 for camping tent, and has toilet, shower room, launderette, and outdoor kitchen.

Camping area

Camping area with a camper, electricity is also available at pineapple-shaped receptacle outlets.

There is someone enjoying caravanning. It is available to rent a camper at some major car hire agencies in Okinawa.

Not only camping area is offered. Tents, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, dishes, and BBQ grills are available to rent. You can enjoy camping with empty hands if you bring foods.

Bungalows are also recommended and 3 types are available depending on numbers of persons.

Each type of bungalows is two-storied with loft and wood flooring and/or Tatami flooring.

Tatami room might be comfortable for families with children.

Feeling the wind while dining at bench.

We have tried both camping using a tent and staying at bungalow. Either way is good to enjoy.

You can feel the breath of air, birdsong, and sound of rain. Chatting with friends around campfire under the starry sky. Easier cooking and more comfortable relaxing time if bungalow.

Even there is a restaurant here, menus of Okinawa soba, set menu of goya, pork tamago, rice omelet, and beef curry.

Dinner at restaurant helps relaxing if you're tired of cooking.

Children are exited about playground gear which is like a regular park.

18-Hole gold course. Exercise in nature environment.

Copyright the forest of Higashi village "Tsutsuji Eco Park"

Only one facility in Okinawa that we can experience the "Project Adventure". It is a educational program for children to learn independent mind, cooperativeness, and trust relationship through pole/rock-climbing.

You might be able to see tsutsuji flowers at forest of Higashi village during "Tsutsuji festival" held on around beginning to the middle of March.

Time goes slowly at Tsutsuji Eco Park in Higashi village filled in nature. Would you like to refresh and recharge?

"Fukuchi dam" the biggest dam in Okinawa is nearby. Cruising, and canoe paddling is also available.

Higashi village Tsutsuji Eco Park

Address: 766-1 Aza Taira, Higashi-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-43-3300 Available 9:00 - 17:30

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Akiko Ono

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