Okinawa Tourism Information:AttheChuraumiFarm,theGoatPastureLandscapeLooksJustLikeaSightfromtheAlps

At the Churaumi Farm, the Goat Pasture Landscape Looks Just Like a Sight from the Alps

post : 2014.02.19 16:00

Uruma city, located on the east side of the central part of Okinawa prefecture, has many places of interest other than beaches, so it is well visited by tourist even out of season. In Uruma, Hamahigajima, which is known as a location of mystical energy, is very popular among tourists.


After the Mid-sea Road off the the Yokatsu Peninsula, and across the Hamahiga Bridge on the right, on the left there is the district of “Higa”.

It is the area where the gods Amamikiyo and Shirumikiyo, that appears in the Okinawan myth called Ryukyu Kaibyaku, are  enshrined.

On the way to the cave Shirumichu, where Shirumikiyo is believed to have lived, turning at the forked road down the narrow road, there is the Churaumi Farm at the end of the road.



In an open space in the front, Umagwa Square, there is a horse standing elegantly.

Kamata’s pal “Lucky” (one of the few Yonaguni horses native to the islands) gives its welcome.



The horse riding experience here it is not merely riding a horse, but begins from taking care of the horse, like brushing it, in order to communicate.

After having brushed it while gently controlling breathing, and reducing the distance little by little, you can finally ride the horse.

On sunny days you can go also playing outside and wander off down to the beach near Shirumichu, or go for a stroll on the mountain with the goats.



The wavelengths of Kamata, who rides without needing a saddle, and Lucky, who accepts him quite naturally and starts walking, are perfectly balanced.

Hamahigajima, situated on the east side of the island, flourishes with the first sunrise of the year. In addition, there are many people who come ride there to horses. 





At the shed located in the back of Umagwa Square, many goats are grazing grass, playing around and enjoying themselves freely in great outdoors.

The farm managers, the Hokamas, take their 40 goats to graze on top of the mountain everyday. 





The goats, when the time comes, become somewhat restless, and the scene of them beginning to run around bleating all together when Hokama calls them saying “let’s go” is lovely.





Even Hokama, who leads them, scolds them like a teacher or a mother if they begin a quarrel or act mischievous, seems to be taking care of some children.






This scenery, which is almost impossible to see in the big cities, is healing. They run up to the mountain, eat the fresh grass heartily, begin head-butting, become lost... it is just like a nursery school or a kindergarten.



Even Hokama, who leads them, scolds them like a teacher or a mother if they begin a quarrel or act mischievous, seems to be taking care of some children.

In the prefecture, it is possible to see goats here and there, but places where you can see the grazing of a flock of goats like at Churaumi Farm are very rare.

Attending the grazing also becomes a trekking course where one can get a bit sweaty walking through animal trail.

Fully enjoying the great nature of Hamahigajima with the goats will make this experience a trip from the ordinary and will become an unforgettable memory of your journey.





[Access information]

Churaumi Farm (inquiry about the goat farm and pasture: Hokama) 080-5186-9140

Umagwa Square (inquiry about the horse riding experience: Kamata) 090-2781-9406


Cross the Hamahiga Bridge and proceed on the left for a while, turn right at the lane for the public restroom, (Toward the Higa Community Center). Reach the end of the narrow lane and turn left. At the junction of three streets where vegetables are sold, go to the right then go straight until the end of the street.


* If you are interested in the pasture or in the horse riding experience, please inquire in advance.



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