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A Hamburger Restaurant “Gordie’s” Reminds of
Good-old Days of America

post : 2016.04.03 18:00

There is a hamburger restaurant in Sunabe, Chatan Town where many foreign residents live. When I entered a red door of foreign resident housing, I felt like traveling back to the ‘50s of the United States. 


Kobayashi, the owner, got the restaurant’s name from Gordie. Gordie is one of the casts of Kobayashi's favorite movie “Stand by Me.”

Even American customers who are familiar with hamburgers get hooked with Gordie's' hamburgers. Gordie’s focuses on cooking hamburgers in a unique way.

Each meaty ground patty is grilled with charcoal fire, and the delicious taste with boiled original sauce spreads through my mouth once I fill it my mouse. Since binders such as eggs or bread crumbs are not used for it, it is very meaty. 

Kobayashi was going to order buns to vendors. However, the result turned out better than he thought when he made his original buns as a trial. After he purchased a huge oven, he keeps making and improving buns that are good for patties by learning from trial and error.

There are plenty of menu options at Gordie's, and chicken and pork loin cutlet are also parts of the menu besides beef. You can also add pineapple or grilled onions and cook your hamburger as you like.

“Actually I wasn’t focusing on hamburger first. I personally like the good-old American world view. A hamburger restaurant where I used to work at when I came to Okinawa for the first time and the world view connected incidentally, so I dreamt to have a restaurant like that.”

Mainly antique American furniture from the ‘50s is displayed in the restaurant, and also American items that Kobayashi collected since his childhood and DIYed items are displayed as well.

There is an unrevealed but wonderful episode for one of the item in the restaurant.

“This bottle that is used as a lamp was given by an elderly couple who sit in this table usually. I used the bottle because I want them to be happy when they sit here.” 

Since Kobayashi loves the movie “Stand By Me” too much, he visited a small town in the United States where the movie took place. It is obvious that he loves the “good-old American” world view.

It would be good to travel through time back in the ‘50s while eating hamburger with the smell of charcoal and pay attention to conversation in English.

Address: 100-530 Sunabe, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-926-0234
Business Hours: 11:00 – final order 21:00
(Morning Hours only on Sat & Sun 8:00 – 11:00)
Open during breakfast / lunch / Sunday
Closed: irregular

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sandy