Okinawa Tourism Information:“HABERU,”theNewBrandofBingataBowTie

“HABERU,” the New Brand of Bingata Bow Tie

post : 2016.04.09 18:00

Hoosel Group, a company which manufactures and sells accessories of hotal glass, launched a new brand with a Bingata Atelier Katachiki. The brand is called “HABERU,” and their first items went on sale: Bingata bow tie and brooch pin. 

“Haberu” means butterfly in Okinawa. Hoping to provide loveable items which connect person and person just like when butterfly flies from flower to flower. Its name derived from their wish, and the lineup is acceptable for its name. There are 3 patterns, and all 9 kinds. Each design of bingata is original, and it is so-called the “all made in Okinawa brand.”

This is “Bougainvillea” which expressed Bougainvillea in a southern island. Deep shiny hotaru glass and bright colors of bingata remind of the beautiful nature of Okinawa.

“Kikkou” is the classical pattern of bingata. The pattern is familiar for celebrations, and it is in the motif of auspicious turtle shell. Its calm colors and pattern with presence makes many customers to purchase it. 

“Boreboshi” represents numerous stars in the night sky, and the name indicates a cluster of stars in the ancient word of Okinawa. Since it features chic colors and elegant atmosphere, wide range of people can wear it.

It is perfect size for men, but it might be a bit bigger for women’s neck. Tie pins come with each item as accessories, so they can be accented with coordinate. 

These are brooch pins, and they are suitable for any items including T-shirt, vest, hat, and bag.

Even though high-quality of silk is used as material, the price of bow tie is 7,000 yen (tax excluded), and 3,500 yen (tax excluded) for brooch pin. Aren’t they reasonable? 

Butterfly has a habit of returning to a place where it used to locate. “I hope the items that I launched in Okinawa will go make a trip and return to this island with its owner someday.” Koichi Kanae, the representative of Hoosel Group, said.

It makes you want to go somewhere as butterfly once you wear the item of HABERU. Not only party, but it looks nice to wear it for luxury time while traveling. It is also recommended as a gift.
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