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Awamori Based Ryukyu AWAMOJITO

post : 2016.04.27 00:00

“Ryukyu AWAMOJITO” is perfect liquor which can make people happy, and it creates the atmosphere that the rhythms of sanshin and salsa can be heard at the same time.

Simply pouring Ryukyu AWAMOJITO into an icy glass makes the good flavor because 2 tasty Okinawan mints are added to it. Besides that, you can add fresh mint, squeeze shikwasa (Taiwan tangerine) instead of lime, and enjoy the flavor of the liquor.

Ryukyu AWAMOJITO was produced by 29 years old gentleman named Akira Nakazato. Since he loved liquor / alcohol, he dreamt of working on the alcohol industry. He studied on alcohol at university, and he launched to work on producing mojito which contains awamori after returning to Okinawa.

“Mojito gained its popularity in Mainland Japan at that time. I gave a presentation in front of my boss and emphasized that mojito would be popular few years later in Okinawa! That was how I started this project.”

Nakazato went to many bars, and he tasted various types of drinks that bartenders prepared.

“The hardest part was when I extracted mint. After much trial and error on method of blending and extraction of spearmint and peppermint, and I finally succeeded to create the refreshing taste, the key to mojito.”

He is satisfied with the taste in terms of result.

Ryukyu AWAMOJITO was popular at “Okinawa Industrial Festival,” one of the main events on fall, and a tasting event at Naha Airport. It is gaining popularity here in Okinawa more and more. 

Classic awamori cocktail on the rock, frozen mojito, or mix with soda water and drink as a beer… there are various way to enjoy the taste of Ryukyu AWAMOJITO. It is served at hotels and bars in Okinawa, so you can enjoy it there or you can purchase it as a unique souvenir.


Ryukyu AWAMOJITO produced by:
Mizuhoshuzo Co, Ltd.
Tel: 098-885-0121


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Aya Asakura