Okinawa Tourism Information:TheHiddenAttractivenessof“Uganzaki,”thewesternmostpointofIshigakiIsland…Doyouwanttofindout“whenisthegoodtimetovisitthisspot!?”

The Hidden Attractiveness of “Uganzaki,” the westernmost point of Ishigaki Island…
Do you want to find out “when is the good time to visit this spot!?”

post : 2016.05.19 22:00

Kabira Bay, Tamatorizaki Observatory, Hirakubozaki Lighthouse, famous scenic spots are scattered on Ishigaki Island. Among these spots, many people name “Uganzaki / Oganzaki” as their “most favorite spot on Ishigaki Island.” 

So why is attractive about it?

Uganzaki is the westernmost cape on Ishigaki Island, and the panoramic view from the symbolic white lighthouse takes people’s breaths away. The hill is at 37m / 121ft elevation, and everybody can see the dynamic view of Iriomote Island from the top of the hill. It can be seen on sunny days, and it is about 20km / 12mi away to the west from Ishigaki Island.

A cliff showed up when I looked at my feet… Rough restless waves hit against massive rocks and rocky steep cliff. The view shows the wilderness of sea, and it is unlike the image of calm beach of Yaeyama Islands.

Also, a monument and a statue of Buddhist saint erected to commemorate a marine accident which happened in 1952. These make visitors sad, and this is the only spot where features this atmosphere. 

Screw pine trees grow thick, and grasses in the south side of the hill are fresh. Hundreds meters of a natural beach stretches in front of the gentle hill. Surfers float on waves comfortably over the developed coral reefs at full tide, and people might feel cleansed while watching the wonderful view with open feeling.


However, it is still hard to claim that Uganzaki is better than the other scenic spots just by stating these characteristics. But there are 3 points that you need to visit Uganzaki. It connects to the question radically “when is the good time to visit this spot!?”

Here are 3 suggestions about the good time to visit the spot for (Beginner Level), (Intermediate Level), and (Advanced Level), so please refer the information for your visit. 

(Beginner Level)
Speaking of west, it is sunset of course.
The spot is famous for the #1 sunset spot on Ishigaki Island. Many people visit here shortly before the sunset. Anybody can enjoy watching it on clear day, so how about visiting the spot in the evening and enjoy the transformation of beauty while watching the view of daytime.

(Intermediate Level)
When it comes to a seasonal topic, numerous Easter lilies bloom in the early summer (around April – May) and mark the beginning of hot summer. The way that Easter lilies fill the undulating hill is amazing! This is the best time to enjoy “flowery” view throughout the year.

(Advanced Level)
Finally, the best time to visit the spot is the day when the lighthouse opens for public! The closed door was opened for public on November 1st, 2014, “the Lighthouse Day.” Many visitors enjoyed watching the magnificent view from the 17-meter-high lighthouse on this day. Ishigaki Coast Guard Office, which manages the lighthouse, asks each of you to check their website constantly since it is not open for public every year.

(2 photos above were provided by Ishigaki Coast Guard Office)

Various views can be watched at Uganzaki depending on seasons, dates, and time… These are the hidden attractiveness of this spot. 

Address: Sakieda, Ishigaki City

Ishigaki Coast Guard Office

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)