Okinawa Tourism Information:"ISHIGAKINOWxOkinawaCollaboration"MUSTBUYItemsandFashionableDesignedSouvenirs

"ISHIGAKI NOW x Okinawa Collaboration" MUST BUY Items and Fashionable Designed Souvenirs

post : 2016.05.25 18:00

If you can't decide what to buy in Ishigaki island, local island goods with natural flavor and local wisdom are recommended. You should pay attention especially to the taste that local people have eaten for long time and hand-made local craft that can feel the local climate. Items that you can only buy in Ishigaki island are good for souvenirs and for yourself.

1. Soft "Herb Tea" in a Box with Colorful Roof

There is tea that local people love and good for souvenirs in Ishigaki island.

"Shima Herb Tea" brewed with galingale, guava, and kantar(herb tea) handpicked in Shiraho area where local people live in coexistence with nature. Soft and mild flavor tea with health wisdom of local people is packed in a box designed like Ishigaki local house. Four kinds of selected tea are in colorful box. It looks even cute just a box itself.

Detail information of herb tea in cute boxes.

2. Pop design is exotic, "Gekko" Ryukyu Awamori

Speaking of alcohol in Ishigaki is Awamori. Brewing companies established in 1949 in Ishigaki island produce "Gekko" which is made from spring water from Omoto-dake, highest mountain in Okinawa, and the taste is rich with umami. Pop package design is impressive and it is also representing noon light of fantastic night rainbow.

Ryukyu Awamori "Gekko"

3. Hand-made beautiful sandals "Shimazori of textile screw pine.

Slow time, beautiful nature, and folk crafts and handicrafts made be local people reminds that you travel Ishigaki island.

Traditional sandals, "Shimazori" of textile screw pine now popular as souvenirs. Textile screw pine is one of the native species in Sea shore in Ishigaki. Once you fit it, you won't forget the comfortableness. It's more expensive than general rubber sandals, but the hand-made natural leaf-made Shimazori is unforgettable.

4. "Yamabare Mug" workshops presents coral of Ishigaki island.

Beautiful blue gradation reminds coral in Ishigaki island. Yamabare Mug is made from local Ishigaki's soil and wood ash. Hand made mug is crafted in the workshop surrounded by scenery of beautiful Ishigaki's ocean, will be one of the memories of trip.

5. Masking tape of "Minsa weaving, modernized-designed in Mineya Craft shop.

From the different point of view, we would like to introduce a souvenir. Minsa weaving is common traditional craft for people in Ishigaki and used for long time. It is modern-designed for easy and daily use.

Kasuri pattern of Minsa weaving expresses "Being harmonious forever". It used to be a present for lovers from women. The design on four/five-squared pattern stays the same, and Minsa becomes masking tape with a good price which is also good for souvenir.

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