Okinawa Tourism Information:BeyondBananaLeaves."Roguii"therestaurantofsundrygoods,home-madebread,curry,andlunchplates.

Beyond Banana Leaves. "Roguii" the restaurant of sundry goods, home-made bread, curry, and lunch plates.

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Being able to have slow time, being fashionable but not too much, providing delicious food and relaxing time after the meal, and original unique atmosphere, but not too obtrusive.

A restaurant located in Okinawa city, meats all the essential conditions that I believe best restaurant.

The owner says that "I am not running a coffee shop".

No wonder, it's so comfortable here because it's not even café. I will no longer call this place "café".

This is so good! Is it all home-made bread? Owner says "what's the meaning of home-made? If buying somewhere and sell it here.

You use all Okinawa's local food? Owner says "I don't eat unknown produced meat, so only use Okinawa's meat and fish that I can see where they are produced.

I love the curry that's great! Owner: "I do think so"

The owner is tranquil and casual person. The relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant is coming from the characteristics. Started renting and cutting grass this place that is used to be a half-abandoned "Dependant house". Half area of the building was used for owner's residential area, but soon restaurant needed to expand. So moved out and all area is now available for restaurant. Tables and chairs are almost all hand-made by owner.

All sundries are lovely and darling such as colorful pots originally from India and Pakistan with new design drawn by Okinawa's local artists and hand-made puppets. There sometimes be music live show. This is actually more than a regular "café".

You can see swaying plants, flowers, and even ocean through the window. This is something that reminds you of "Roguii in Okinawa". It is just beyond banana leaves.

Restaurant information
Name: Roguii
Address: 2-11-38, Yogi, Okinawa-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-933-8583
Opening hours:
09:00-17:00 for Mon-Fri, except Tue.
09:00-18:00 for Sat and Sun.
Close: Tue.
Parking lot: Available
Web site:

Okinawa Clip Photographer/Writer Aya Asakura